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“VIE+CDR”, the first share of NinebotCompany listed, global balance car and scooter leader to add a new growth point of distribution robot

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NinebotCompany is an enterprise that has an agreed control structure (VIE) and issues CDR (China Depositary Receipts).The essence of the agreement control structure (VIE) is a method adopted by domestic entities to achieve an overseas listing. The majority of Chinese shares listed in the US stock market are registered in the Cayman Islands, and NinebotCompany is one of them.CDR refers to the securities issued by the depositary and circulating in China's capital market on the basis of overseas securities, which represent the interests of underlying overseas securities.

As the first share of "VIE+CDR", NinebotCompany carries a number of innovations in China's capital market and is expected to explore the path for enterprises with "VIE structure" to return, so it has attracted much attention from the market.

Leading enterprises in the field of global intelligent short transportation are highly favored by capital.

According to public information, NinebotCompany was registered in the Cayman Islands on December 10, 2014. It is mainly engaged in the design, research and development, production, sales and service of various intelligent short-range mobile devices, with its main production and operation in Haidian District, Beijing.After years of development, the company has formed a product line with rich categories including intelligent electric balance vehicle, intelligent electric scooter, intelligent service robot and so on.

Intelligentelectric balance aspect, in the domestic market, since a "double" in 2015, the company relies on the Ninebot balanced car series, Ninebot One single wheel balance electric car series, electric balance wheel series electric balance car products and supporting the go-kart suite, topped "double a", "618" and other large electric business platform smart travel class activities all channels in the world.In overseas markets, the company's electric balance vehicle products have long been among the top sellers of similar products on well-known e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

In terms of intelligent electric scooters, due to the impact of domestic road safety and other relevant laws and regulations, electric scooters cannot be widely used as an open road transportation tool in China. At present, the market of electric scooters is mainly in North America, Europe and other overseas regions.According to Amazon platform data, the company's electric scooter product ranks the top of the "Sport Scooters" new sales list.

'VIE+CDR', the first share of NinebotCompany listed, global balance car and scooter leader to add a new growth point of distribution robot

From January 2019 to February 2020, the company's electric scooter products (including Xiaomi brand and its own brand) ranked first in market share in Germany, Italy, Spain and other major European countries, according to data reported by GFK, a world-renowned market research company.

As a high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent short transportation and service robot, Ninebot company has accumulated a number of core know-how.The company owns or applies for more than 1,000 domestic and foreign patents in related fields, which is far ahead in the industry worldwide, which lays the foundation for the company's product technology leading advantage.

Ninebot company co-founder and President wang as members of the working group experts participating in drafting and formulated the ISO international standards: ISO13482PersronalCareRobotSafety (security) personal service robot;As the deputy leader of the drafting group and the first drafting unit, the company took the lead in formulating the national standard for electric balancing vehicles, GB/T34667-2017 General Technical Conditions for Electric Balancing Vehicles, and GB/T34668-2017 Safety Requirements and Test Methods for Electric Balancing Vehicles.

It is precisely because of the advanced technology and high market share of the company that the company has won the favor of many first-tier investment giants. The shareholders of Ninebot company include Xiaomi, Shunwei, Sequoia, Huashan, Intel, Singapore Sovereign Direct Investment Fund, China Investment Corporation Innovation, China Mobile Fund, etc., and it is called the all-star shareholder lineup.

The development of delivery robots leads the trend of science and technology

It is noteworthy that Ninebot company is the first enterprise to list on the A-share market with A gong sounding robot. The gong sounding robot is the S2 mass production version of Segway delivery robot developed by the company, which demonstrates the company's ability to lead the technological trend.

With the rapid development of China's e-commerce and take-out industry, its supporting express delivery and distribution business pressure is increasing.According to the Statistics released by the State Post Bureau on the Development of the Postal industry in 2019, the total volume of express delivery services in China reached 63.52 billion in 2019, up 25.26 percent year-on-year.According to, there are nearly 7 million people working in the food delivery industry in China.As labor-intensive industries, express delivery and takeaway delivery are directly affected by rising labor costs.With the continuous increase of labor costs, the gap between human cost and delivery robot cost is gradually narrowing. In order to cope with the increasing labor cost of delivery, delivery robot food delivery and delivery has become a trend.

Since its establishment, Ninebot company has been committed to "simplifying the movement of people and things, making life more convenient and interesting". Making robots is its original aspiration and dream.The founding team of the company founded the company in 2012, and started the product and technology research and development in the direction of robotics in 2015, making profound technological accumulation and breakthroughs in the core technology of robotics.

According to the prospectus issuer in the research project section, company building distribution robot project has been completed within 30 V6 version of the prototype, the ongoing seventh edition is designed, and carries on the trial run on stream various shopping malls, buildings, has 200000 kilometers of the run data, every hundred kilometers artificial intervention has reached the number less than five times, can achieve inside delivery, items, or take-out independent distribution, toward a goal of "automatic carrier" a major step forward.

'VIE+CDR', the first share of NinebotCompany listed, global balance car and scooter leader to add a new growth point of distribution robot

Ninebot company’s distribution robot navigation and positioning system research and development project has been through three versions of iteration, preliminary has the high reliability and high environmental adaptability of single robot navigation ability, within a single building robot more efficient and orderly use IOT devices, such as the elevator group control ability, has reached every hundred kilometers intervention less than 5 times.

In addition, the company is preparing to launch a project to develop an intelligent outdoor delivery robot with strong obstacle surmounting ability, high timeliness, high reliability and low cost. The goal is to become one of the first batch of products in the field of outdoor instant delivery robot, and to form a series of automatic logistics delivery robots together with the building delivery robot.

Continuously improve the ability of vertical integration, and consolidate the foundation for development

Ninebot company is a new intelligent technology enterprise with high vertical integration ability. Through the "iron triangle" of intellectualization, servitization and digitization of products, the company achieves high-speed growth, steady operation and high profit returns.

In terms of product intelligence, the company continues to invest in the fields of sandian (battery, motor and electronic control), intelligent control, intelligent perception and interaction, etc. Through technology platform, modularization and vertical integration, related technologies are more frequently applied in various products.

In terms of servitization, the company keeps improving the IOT (Internet of Things) capability, automation and intelligence of its hardware products, and realizes the goal of "Transportation as a Service" by taking advantage of 5G, Internet of vehicles platform, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technological means.

In terms of datamation, the company collects and analyzes more product usage data and internal operation data, continuously improves the collection, mining and analysis ability of big data, optimizes user experience with data, and improves operational efficiency with data.

With a total capital of 1.334 billion yuan, Ninebot company will invest in smart electric vehicle projects, annual output of 80,000 off-road recreational vehicles (ALL-terrain vehicles), r&d center construction projects, intelligent distribution robot research and development and industrialization development projects and supplementary working capital.The smart electric vehicle project and the annual output of 80,000 off-road RECREATIONAL vehicles will expand the company's product range, provide new income sources for the company and further enhance its market share.The r & D center construction project, intelligent distribution robot r & D and industrialization development project will enhance the company's R & D capability and provide important support and guarantee for the realization of the company's intelligent strategy.

Promote intelligence and manufacturing depth fusion is the important development strategy in our country, Ninebot company offering investment project closely around the national development strategy, to comply with relevant industrial policy guidance, is conducive to further improve the vertical integration ability, increase of intelligent travel products, intelligent robot research and development efforts, escalating optimization is achieved, and at the same time increase the variety of new products, the company's market competitiveness, to strengthen the company's industry leading position.

Looking forward to the future, On the basis of continuously consolidating the leading position in the global intelligent electric balancing vehicle and intelligent electric scooter market,  Ninebot  company will make great efforts in the distribution robot market and form a sustainable development trend with three arrows in one.