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BLUEJAY’s “MODERN WHITE” electric bike is both beautiful and environmentally friendly

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Bluejay Bikes has added Chrissy Teigen and Drew Barrymore to its list of fans and is releasing a new color scheme for the holidays.Now, in "modern white," the sleek electric bikes are more aesthetically pleasing.

BLUEJAY's "MODERN WHITE" electric bike is both beautiful and environmentally friendly

The classic black colors are paired with "Bluejay Blue,""Sunkissed Coral" and "Merlot Glow Is Also Available" bikes that boast long-lasting Samsung charges up to 75 miles between rides.A control panel with a USB charging port displays speed, battery life and even mileage.Adjustable seats and handlebars ensure a perfect fit, and the rear-mounted frame can hold up to 55 pounds.Retro style headlights, taillights and bells adorn a lightweight aluminum frame.

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