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RTA has Shared the rules for the use of electric scooters in Dubai

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To coincide with the emirate's rollout of electric scooters, Roads Dubai has shared a series of user guides with the Transport Authority (RTA).In partnership with local scooter rental providers Arnab and Skurrt, as well as global operators Careem, Lime and Tier, ev scooter rentals were tested in five regions this week.

When residents were invited to try out new modes of transportation, the RTA shared a video on social media describing the rules they should follow.These are listed to ensure that passengers and pedestrians are as safe as possible.

The rules state that users should "comply with the instructions, rules, instructions and warning signs on the track".Riders must also be 14 or older to use scooters and wear a protective helmet while riding.

RTA has Shared the rules for the use of electric scooters in Dubai

Electric scooters must be parked at designated locations and can only be ridden by one person at any time.Users should also abide by traffic laws and must disembark when using a crosswalk.

You can only ride on designated tracks within five designated test areas: Mohammed bin Rashid Avenue, Dubai Internet City, December 2nd Street, Al Rigga and JLT.Make sure you leave enough space between yourself and other riders, cyclists and pedestrians.

Cyclists are not allowed to wear headphones or carry anything heavy that would cause them to lose their balance while using the scooters.