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How does electric scooters change Slough’s travel style?

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To provide a greener, more socially distant alternative to cars, Slough Borough Council has teamed up with Neuron Mobility to launch 250 electric scooters.

Drivers aged 18 and over with full or temporary driving licences can rent scooters from one of 60 parking areas throughout the borough, including Slough station and Slough Trading Estate.

The company has run similar schemes in Australia and New Zealand and has accepted a 12-month trial in the town.

Collette Dunkley, head of Neuron external affairs, said: "We are very pleased with how Slough's trial has progressed so far.It's still early days, but it's good to see the riders use electric scooters in a safe and responsible way."We expect more people to discover the benefits of electric scooters as it is a safe and socially distancing way to travel."

How safe are electric scooters?

All scooters come with helmets and tip over technology.

Neuron Mobility has a dedicated safety team that helps disinfect scooters and helmets to reduce the risk of coronavirus.Riders are urged to abide by the rules of social alienation and there are strict per-person scooter policies.

GPS positioning technology enables the app to recognize when the scooter is falling and gives riders the option to call emergency services at the click of a button.

Scooters can even tell if a rider is driving under the influence.If there is too much shaking, or if you feel that you are riding dangerously in any way, the rider will be warned.Drivers who continue to violate the rules will have their accounts disabled.

Speed is capped at 15.5 miles per hour to help reduce the risk of injury or collision.

How does electric scooters change Slough's travel style?

What are the rules for renting an electric scooter at Slough?

Drivers must be over 18 years old
Must have a temporary or complete driving licence
No riding on the pavement
Wear a helmet and remove earphones when riding
One driver for each scooter
Keep a safe distance from pedestrians
Do not ride under the influence of alcohol or other substances
Hands should be on the handlebars
Keep a safe distance from other vehicles, especially when turning
Parking responsibly will not be an obstacle

Where can you ride an electric scooter in Slough?

You can ride an electric scooter on roads up to 30 miles per hour and on the town's bus lanes.Some areas are restricted, so scooters will not be able to work in them.

On July 4, it became legal to ride electric scooters for hire on Britain's roads, but it is still illegal to ride a private scooter on the road.

How much does it cost to rent an electric scooter at Slough?

Book an electric scooter through the Neuron App, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

It costs £1 each way to unlock the scooters and 18p a minute.

Regular users can buy the Neuron Pass, which allows riders to use the scooter for up to 90 minutes a day without paying an additional unlock fee.