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Lime, an electric scooter operator, offers free rides to all front-line workers

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Lime, an electric-scooter operator, has launched a support programme for front-line workers and lower-paid drivers on MK.

Lime Channel plans to offer discounted rides for at least 50 percent of low-income customers starting today.

The company has also launched Lime Aid, an unlimited 30-minute electric scooter ride for front-line workers, including NHS and emergency services workers, to help them avoid contact with others during their commute.

This will reduce the spread of coronavirus by providing safe, distance-free transportation options.The company expects to invest £1m in the two support programmes over the next 12 months.

Lime launched an "access plan" to remove barriers for low-income users in Milton Keynes.

Lime, an electric scooter operator, offers free rides to all front-line workers

The spokesman said: "Existing transport networks in towns and cities do not always cover every community equally, while cars and private cars are expensive and carbon-intensive.Qualified users in Milton Keynes will be able to use the service to make important promises of door-to-door travel, such as job interviews and appointments to doctors, in an efficient and economical way.

The scheme means Lime Access users pay just £1.40 for a mile and a half, well below the cost of the average taxi fare, to help lower-income riders take advantage of safe, socially segregated services.

To protect riders and the community at large, Lime continues to invest in Covid safety protocols, including following public Health England's advice to clean e-bikes and scooters every time you come into contact with them.

Florence Milner, managing director of Lime UK and Ireland, said: "We are proud to launch our industry-leading Lime Access and Lime Aid programme in the UK to support our low paid drivers and to express our heartfelt thanks to first line and emergency drivers.Lime is committed to delivering sustainable mobility for all, especially when our services provide safe, socially isolated transport options for those who need them. Lime is committed to delivering sustainable mobility for all."