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In response to a call from residents, changes have been made to the York Electric scooter project

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In the first week of the pilot rental program, New York's electric scooters have made nearly 1,000 trips.

In the first seven days of irresponsible cycling on Piccadilly, two people were banned,

Residents have contacted Tier, the company that runs the new scooters, about the use of scooters, their lights and the pavement at the Tongmen centre.

In response, some changes have been made to make improvements.

Fred Jones, Tier, said: "We are pleased with the positive response to York Tier's electric scooter and our top priority remains to ensure safety and to deploy this new mode of transport carefully.

In response to a call from residents, changes have been made to the York Electric scooter project

"Feedback from the public helped us to quickly correct any early problems, such as changing the location where scooters can be ridden at Coppergate Centre and adjusting the lights on scooters."

The experiment involved only 40 scooters in the city centre and around The University of York, and some routes.But nearly a thousand trips have been made, a spokesman said, and most of the inquiries were about the electric scooters slowing down as they left the test area.The application has been updated to make the area clearer.

Tier also changed the geo-fencing to ban scooters from the Coppergate center, adjusted the lighting angles of all scooters to avoid glare, and blocked off two riders who had been "irresponsibly ridden at will" by the Tier team.

The company said it had doubled the number of staff on pavements and patrols and would install new signs in parking Spaces telling people how to ride safely.

Scooter users also receive free rides if they complete training online or in an app that teaches people to use their vehicles responsibly.

A spokesman for York City Council said local authorities had yet to receive complaints about electric scooters.

Anyone in doubt can email and quote the "number plate" on the back of each scooter.Riders need at least a temporary permit to rent scooters, and violations can result in six points and a fine.