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Electric motorcycle development must overcome the three difficulties, in addition to the endurance, the two points are more critical

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At present, two-wheel electric vehicles in the overweight electric bikes still make up the majority, but excessive electric bikes can't be produced and sold after replacing it is electric scooters, electric motorcycle than new national electric bikes have better comfort and better performance, consumers are more willing to buy is power, but power can't be the same as electric bicycles, spread a large area, because before it has three difficulties.

The first difficulty is battery life. In theory, battery life performance of electric motor will be greatly enhanced with the improvement of battery capacity, but after all, battery replacement technology has not made a qualitative breakthrough. In actual use scenarios, people's travel will be more or less affected by the lack of battery range.

Although there is no fundamental solution to the problem of endurance, electric motorcycle is seldom used for long-distance travel. Therefore, although it is a difficult problem, it is not the core factor that hinders the development of electric motorcycle.

The second difficulty is the driver's license, electric motorcycle and exceed the standard electric bicycle is not the same, it is a regular motor vehicle, is required to take a driver's license, on the insurance.Therefore, most people do not have a motorcycle driver's license. If you want to ride it you must spend time and energy to get a motorcycle driver's license, for busy office workers, it is a little difficult.

Electric motorcycle development must overcome the three difficulties, in addition to the endurance, the two points are more critical

However, with the simplification of the driver's license test process and the elimination of the restrictions on the age and area of the driver's license test, it will be a little easier for ordinary people, but after the test, most of them will not buy electric motorcycles, but buy gasoline motorcycles to ride!

The third problem is the frictional power brownouts policy, power is in the ward, this is not very friendlyfor riding a the people, in addition to ride forbidden, DMV won't make the registration, the local registered permanent residence of the person also is not eligible to sign up the motorcycle driver's license test, so it is very difficult directly lead to power in the local sales, the biggest problem is hampering the power development.

Among the megacities with a population of more than 5 million, with the exception of Xi 'an and Chongqing, other cities are more or less forbidden to use motorcycles. It is difficult for electric motorcycles to develop in such areas.