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Ireland has promised to update its electric scooter legislation by 2021

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Transport Minister Eamon Ryan said electric scooter legislation would be updated to legalise use on Irish roads by 2021.

Draft legislation is already under way that would make electric bikes part of the transport mix, without the need for increasingly extensive local trials across England.

The decision was based on the release of the road Safety Agency's report, which ended last August, which recommended changes to the law on electric scooters so they could be used legally on public roads.

At present, this form of transport is illegal on private roads, if privately owned, as it is in England.

As they are, they are considered motor vehicles and therefore require taxes, insurance and licensing.The legislative update will attempt to draw a line between electric scooters and motor vehicles, as has been done with electric bikes in Ireland and now Northern Ireland.

A public consultation on the EU's Clean Vehicles Directive was launched last week to see where the public stands on the future mix of individuals and public transport.Ireland intends to switch its transport vehicles to low - or zero-emission vehicles under the directive, with the aim of reducing congestion and pollution over time.

A public consultation has begun and will end on 31 December 2020.The consultation process will provide an opportunity for stakeholders and the public to provide feedback on various proposed policies and transpositions."