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An electric two – wheel bike runs 656.8 km on a single charge!Do you believe?

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Most electric vehicle users are most concerned about the range and speed of the bike when they buy electric vehicles. Now the range of electric bikes on the market is also getting longer and longer, with more and more electric bikes running hundreds of kilometers.But can you believe that an electric bike can run 656.8 kilometers on a single charge?

Believe it or not, I believe it!

That's because it's the Guinness World Record for an electric bike.

An electric two - wheel bike runs 656.8 km on a single charge!Do you believe?

As you all know, the Guinness World Records official is very strict, breaking this record must not be halfway to replace the battery.So what does this world record mean?It means that the battery life of the electric vehicle has been greatly improved, and it can travel thousands of miles on a single charge.It also means that long-distance e-bikes will become one of the options for long-distance travel, and it is the cheapest way to travel.

But then again, the probability of electric bikes running more than 1,000 miles is not high in our life.But relatively speaking, it will reduce the frequency of charging, and maybe even only charge it once for more than a month, which will bring more convenience to everyone's life.At the same time, there will be more thieves stealing electric bikes, because the batteries are more valuable.

If there are electric bikes on the market that can travel thousands of miles, can you believe it?Will you buy it?