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Lithium electrochemistry of two – wheeled electric vehicles has come! The battery competition pattern will change greatly

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The first 2020 "New National Standard" Lithium Electric Power Travel Ecological Thousand People Wulin Conference and 2020 High Industry Lithium light Electric Vehicle Industry Summit was held in Crown Hotel, Yiwu, Zhejiang.

At the meeting, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei analyzed the current situation and trend of the lithium battery market for two-wheeled vehicles.He believes that compared with Europe, Japan and South Korea, the level of lithium electrochemistry in China is low, accounting for only 15%~20%, but lithium electrochemistry will realize rapid growth in the next three years.With the introduction of the new national standard and the end of the transition period, the explosion of market demand for shared B-terminal and the expansion of overseas export demand, three factors will contribute to the continuous explosion of the domestic lithium electric bicycle market.It is estimated that the size of domestic lithium battery is expected to triple by 2023.

From the perspective of the market pattern trend of two-wheeled vehicle lithium battery, with the acceleration of power battery and consumer battery leading into the bureau and the increase of production capacity input of two-wheeled vehicle lithium battery, the market competition pattern of two-wheeled vehicle lithium battery will show a great evolution from the end of this year to next year.

At the meeting, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei presented 6 groups of industry data, analyzed and analyzed the industry development trend of lithium electric two-wheeled vehicle market.

Lithium electrochemistry of two - wheeled electric vehicles has come!The battery competition pattern will change greatly

  • 2019 lithium electric two-wheeled vehicle sales reached 6.8 million
  • One million Shared motorcycles will be launched in 2019
  • In 2019, the penetration rate of lithium battery in Electric two-wheeled vehicles in China reached 18.8%
  • It is expected that the shipments of lithium batteries in China's two-wheeled vehicles in 2020 will reach 7.29GWh, 3 times that of 2017.
  • In 2023, the sales volume of domestic lithium electric two-wheeled vehicles is expected to reach 22 million, and the penetration rate will reach 53%.
  • In 2023, the number of Shared motorcycles will exceed 8 million

Through these data, it can be seen that lithium electrochemistry of electric bicycles has a promising future.But at the same time, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei also pointed out that the current industry is facing the development bottleneck of immature lithium electric performance. In this regard, Chairman Zhang said that the specifications and standards of the battery cell should be unified as soon as possible, while continuing to improve the economy and safety of lithium electric.

At the roundtable dialogue, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei expressed the hope that in two years' time, the two-wheeled vehicle industry would stop talking about safety issues and talk about market share, scale and strategic cooperation between light vehicle enterprises and battery enterprises. This is the future of the lithium electric vehicle industry.

As the leader in the lithium battery industry, high-tech lithium battery is worth learning from the whole two-wheeled electric vehicle industry in terms of both technology and experience.Lithium ion is the wind blowing in the industry, and it is also a great opportunity for companies to overtake on the curve.Science and technology is always the first productive force. Enterprises with high and new technology are bound to lead the industry to the upward development and win the first place in this competition.