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Ninebot electric and Niu electric bike, who is the new national standard electric bicycle representative?

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Some overqualified for ZhongDuanTu travel, driving, and ride a bike to avoid overworked, in the face of this kind of circumstance, an electric bicycle is the best choice, has according to the survey, many friends within ten miles of travel, will choose to ride an electric bike, electric bike's popularity.Due to the popularity of electric vehicles in the country, the national management of electric vehicles has also risen to a new height, which is famous for strict new national standard of electric vehicles has been put into formal implementation, has a great impact on the development of the electric vehicle industry.Today we come to the new national standard after the introduction of regulations, electric vehicles should be how to choose to do a discussion, to see how the Niu electric vehicles and 9 electric vehicles respectively?

In line with the new national standard requirements, material lighter and more profitable driving

The new national standards require electric vehicles to be more light and safe as a whole, and put forward higher requirements on the processing technology of electric vehicles.The Us Pro electric bike launched by Niu Electric co., Ltd. perfectly meets these requirements and withstands the test of the new national standards. The battery is also lighter and the vehicle is lighter and more conducive to travel.

Automatic unlock has a blind area, the key unlock better use

Similarly, Ninebot electric vehicle also launched a new national standard model, that is, Ninebot electric B65.The biggest difference between Ninebot electric B65 and conventional electric bicycles lies in that it does not need to unlock with a key, but supports keyless one-click startup. After pairing with the mobile phone, the user can unlock with the phone if he/she approaches the electric bike.But since the launch of this feature, many users expressed doubts, that the phone may sometimes run out of power, this unlock function is not as convenient as the Niu electric bike directly take the key unlock.

Commuting by electric vehicles is a normal condition for citizens, so choosing an electric vehicle product with easy operation and high convenience is an important step towards a quality life.On the function Niu electric bike and Ninebot electric bike each have distinct, consumer can buy by oneself be fond of.