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Taur: High-tech electric scooter backed by Kickstarte

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Funded through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the Taur is a new electric scooter design that can now be purchased for $1.106 (935 euros).Its structure is made of aeronautical aluminum and features wide 12.5-inch punctured Continental tires.The first deliveries will be completed by the end of March 2021.

If micro-mobile communications are destined to take over much of urban transport in the next few years, the coVID-19 pandemic will only accelerate the process, with electric mobility solutions taking to the streets at an unprecedented rate.Taur is an electric scooter which is designed to eliminate the faults of traditional electric scooters.

Electric scooters have seen the light of day through Kickstarter, a microfinance (or crowdfunding) platform on which they can be purchased.The delivery date of the electric scooter is expected to be March 2021.

Electric scooters do not stand out, especially because of their technical specifications, because their electrical solutions are so common today, but because of the quality of the construction, solution and design, they are especially considered safer.Nor do they put practicality aside because, like other electric scooters, it is foldable and therefore easier to transport and store.After folding, it can be stored vertically on the rear wheel.

Taur: High-tech electric scooter backed by Kickstarte

Electric scooter features

Its structure is made of aeronautical aluminum and features wide 12.5-inch punctured Continental tires.One feature is that its designer, Carson Brown, offers a more comfortable pedal position because the normal way for an electric scooter is to place the foot vertically on the platform, one foot on top of the other.In the case of this electric scooter, the platform is not used because the crossbar between the wheels is a structural tube, but two small folding mounts have been placed on the sides to allow for foot placement.According to its creator, this not only provides a more comfortable location on the TAUR control, but also makes it safer and more dynamic.

The electrical scheme is represented by a 500 W motor which can reach a speed of 40 km/h, although the equipment reaching Europe can only reach 25 km/h and is powered by a 405 Wh battery which will enable it to travel up for 35 km on a single charge.It takes at least two hours to reach 80% capacity and three hours to reach 100% capacity.

The scooter design is also equipped with regenerative braking, which is carried out on the front axle by an electric motor and on the rear axle by a 140mm diameter hydraulic drive disc.The headlights on the handlebars are directional 300 lumens LEDs, and the rear brake lights are 80 lumens LEDs.So far, nothing unusual, but another clever idea from the creators is to install a 100 lumen light that illumines the pilot backwards, making it visible in adverse visibility conditions, because when the brake light is placed on the rear wheel it is too low to always show due to low safety.

The electric scooter costs $1,106

The Taur scooter can be ordered through the crowdfunding platform in exchange for a minimum contribution of 845 pounds, which at current exchange rates is just over $1.106 (935 euros).That's a high price tag for electric scooters, but so far, no one likes the technology or the solution.