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Our way of development: electric scooter pilot project

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A pilot project to bring rental electric scooters to Ottawa will end at the end of October, designed to help reduce the city's carbon footprint and provide an alternative mode of transportation.

In July three companies-Lime, Roll and Bird Cana-were allowed to rent out 600 Shared electric scooters in the city centre.

One of the conditions of the pilot is for the provider to collect data on how electric scooters are used in Ottawa.Information such as where the ride starts and ends will be used to find out how people travel.

There are no specific Ottawa figures, as the trial began only on July 16th, but some global statistics shed light on who is using the scooters.

Our way of development: electric scooter pilot project

For example, according to Lime's data, 48% of Lime cyclists are frequent users, and 37% use electric scooters for commuting or part of the commute.

Electric scooters are considered to have many benefits, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to increasing opportunities for local businesses that bike riders share scooters.But if scooters are to remain viable in the city, some problems need to be addressed.

According to Mr. Leeper, sidewalk cycling and inappropriate parking Spaces have been two of Ottawa's biggest complaints.

Sharing of electric scooters will be banned in Montreal in 2020 because riders don't follow city rules.More than 300 tickets were issued to drivers violating the Highway Safety Act, and only 20 percent of the time the electric scooters were found parked in their designated areas.

Our way of development: electric scooter pilot project

In Ottawa, operators have gone to great lengths to ensure proper procedures are followed.Conduct foot patrols or scooter based patrols near Ottawa's busiest areas to repair parked scooters and educate riders about the rules,

Only three months into Ottawa's pilot program, some city residents have decided on electric scooters.

Gavin Byers uses electric scooters every week as part of his commute to work, hoping they will stay."For me, a two-kilometer walk can be a bit of a hassle, but it can be done in a few minutes on a scooter," Byers said.With no cars and a desire to avoid the challenge of alienation on public transport, electric scooters help for short trips.