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Calls for regulation of electric scooters on public roads

pxidw 2020-10-28 366 times

Electric scooters have become more popular among commuters in recent years, but the law prohibits their use on public roads.

Still, many retailers are expecting a busier Christmas than usual, with commuters looking for alternatives due to limited seats on public transport.

At this stage, electric scooters are part of mobility and transportation, and regulations and legislation are needed to facilitate them.

Calls for regulation of electric scooters on public roads

The Department of Transport said that while "electric scooters are currently illegal on public roads, the government does plan to work towards legislating for their use"."The Government is aware of the importance of the new sector of emergency management and is working to that end.

A spokesman for Transport Secretary Eamon Ryan said: "However, the government is also considering the necessary steps to tackle the COVID-19 crisis and mitigate its social and economic consequences for The UK's exit from the EU."