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Could GPS locators give shared electric bikes an anti-theft effect?

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With the continuous progress of society, the concept of shared travel has become a new concept of social development.In recent years, the development of the concept of Shared travel in China has been particularly rapid. After the emergence of Shared bikes such as yellow cars and red cars, it has indeed changed the way people travel, but there are also many problems.

When the market for Shared bikes was booming, many poor quality people treated them badly, resulting in many bikes being damaged early and many people keeping them private.Some have even stolen them and converted them into their own.These problems are also hindering the development of shared bikes in China.

Could GPS locators give shared electric bikes an anti-theft effect?

The popularity of e-bike sharing has been accompanied by the desolation of shared bikes. However, the popularity of e-bike sharing has not suffered from vandalism as much as the popularity of Shared bikes. Meanwhile, no one steals them.

While it's not unusual for thieves to target Shared electric bikes everywhere these days, they've stopped doing so.Because the progress of electric bike sharing is more perfect than that of bicycle sharing, there is a big difference in the design level.Batteries like those in electric bikes are usually placed on the lower side of the seat, and batteries that share electric bikes are also commonly used by manufacturers.

In addition, sharing electric bike body and battery each with a GPS locator, so the thief even began to remove the battery or the car directly move back, so the GPS locator will immediately send the position information, the thief would be under, so now the thief don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you, one thousand meters and costly, that the loss outweights the gain.