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TAUR is launching an electric scooter designed for roads

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London-based TAUR was founded in 2019 by Richard Adey and Carson Brown.Richard Adey, THE CEO of TAUR, worked at Tesla Gigafactory, where he focused on electric bike technology.The co-founders assembled a team with experience not only at Tesla, but also at Apple, Ford and Uniwheel.Our goal is to create a new type of electric scooter that can be safely driven on the road.

TAUR has launched its first product on Kickstarter, an electric scooter designed for the road.The company calls it a redesign of the electric scooter."Until now, electric scooters have been based on scooter designs that were never designed for the real world," TAUR said in a press release.

One thing that makes TAUR different is the pedal platform, which provides the rider with a dedicated standing position.Instead of twisting your feet together, stand with your feet side by side, facing completely forward.The platform is 2.5 times the width of a typical scooter deck and helps the rider stay stable.The benefit of aligning your body face up is that you can twist 180 degrees in either direction, giving the rider maximum riding awareness.

Another part of the design includes the largest wheel of its kind, which is two to three times the size of a traditional design.The 12.5-inch tires are equipped with the Kevlar, impact-resistant Continental® for some of the most challenging road conditions, such as potholes.

TAUR headlights come with a high-power directional beam to provide maximum visibility and response time.The TAUR Cree®LED headlamp with 300 lumens emits light through a polished lens.The company also points out that any light that does not pass through the lens is spread out through the frosted plexiglass on the side, keeping it highly visible at all the front corners.

At the rear, TAUR has created its own taillight projection technology, which is an additional 100 streamers that illuminate the entire rider's back from the rear.The taillights are also eye level and provide 75 lumens.

"The benefits of electric scooter designs are incredible, but they have always been designed for low-speed ground grinding," Said Carson Brown, co-founder and chief designer of TAUR, in a statement.It's the safest way to determine the extent of the road."

Carson points out that it's not just about cycling experience, it's also about lifestyle."Just providing a better ride experience is not enough.We don't just design scooters for you.We're designing for the whole lifestyle that goes with it."

TAUR says storage is very simple.It can be folded and stored vertically in a small portion of regular storage space, and you'll be notified if your battery runs low.TAUR noted that the charging rate is three times faster than normal.It only takes 2 hours to get 80% power, and you can get 100% power in 3 hours.

TAUR is launching an electric scooter designed for roads

You can personalize your scooter in the application.You can unlock it digitally using a key card or via Bluetooth.You can also lock it with wheels and frames.You can even set alerts, and features will be updated via air updates (including remote fixes).

Range: 22 miles / 35 km

Maximum passenger weight: 115kg (250lbs)

Top speed: 23 MPH (37 km/h)Limited by local regulations.Settings are in-application.

Tires: 12.5 inches, pneumatic, puncture proof, Continental®

Waterproof rating: IP65 (all weather)

Lighting: 300 lumens, Cree®LED (front).100 lumen LED (back)

Charging time: 2.5-3 hours (charging 80% within 2 hours)

Weight: 14.2 kg (31 LBS)

Size: length: 110 cm;Height: 115 cm Width (handlebars) : 48 cm;Width (footplate) : 35 cm

The TAUR also has regenerative braking battery technology in the front wheel, just as it does in electric bikes.There are three power modes:

Learning can help people try TAUR for the first time or show it to friends.This reduces speed and acceleration to a lower level before you go into regular power mode.

By reducing acceleration, you can help you save power, go farther and charge less.

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