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The DC Council approved new scooter and e-bike legislation

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DC's governing council unanimously approved a bill that would add legislation for electric scooters and other Shared electric mobility devices in the area.

The legislation required Mayor Bowser to issue rules governing enforcement of Shared fleet operators and equipment, fleet management, insurance and warranties.

The regulations include:

The DC Council approved new scooter and e-bike legislation

  • Operators renting Shared fleet equipment must obtain permission from the regional Transportation Department
  • The school district cannot have more than 20,000 facilities until October 2023.
  • Fleet operators must submit monthly reports to DDOT outlining travel activity data and information about complaints
  • DDOT must install signage in areas where sidewalk riding is prohibited and install 200 bike racks annually by October 1 solstice 2024 (cost $523,000 for four years)
  • Operators must place at least 3% of their fleets in each region
  • The operator must install a locking mechanism on the device by October 2021 to ensure that the device is locked to the rack after the ride is completed
  • Operators must have a 24-hour free customer service hotline

The bill must first be submitted to the mayor for approval before it goes to Congress and becomes a law.