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When your electric bike battery appears these symptoms, remember to replace the battery asap!

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When your electric bike battery appears these symptoms, remember to replace the battery as soon as possible!

As the weather gets colder, some e-bike owners are starting to feel less sustainable.Electric bikein winter is not awesome, it is to have a relation with temperature actually.At present, most electric vehicles in the market use lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries can normally store electricity when the temperature is about 25°C, but when the temperature drops, the activity of various substances in lead-acid batteries will decrease, the capacitance will become difficult, and the storage capacity will deteriorate accordingly.In order to ensure the reliability of operation, the majority of bike owners need to pay close attention to the running status of the battery, timely replacement of the battery.

Terminal battery life performance

The actual discharge capacity of the battery is less than 60% of the rated capacity, after maintenance can not significantly increase, can be determined to scrap.This is because in the use of the battery, the capacity attenuation to about 60% after the performance will be greatly attenuated, all the components basically reached the deterioration of the situation, this attenuation has a gradually accelerated trend, will soon completely lose the ability to charge and discharge.

When your electric bike battery appears these symptoms, remember to replace the battery asap!

The battery won't charge.If you feel that your electric bicycle battery is not charged, then first check the connection of the charging circuit is reliable, check whether the connection and plug contact is intact, carefully check the socket and plug whether there is "ignition" arc burning phenomenon, there is no line damage broken, etc..If there is no problem, then check whether the charger is damaged and whether the charging parameters meet the requirements of national standards.If there is no problem, then the battery may be damaged. If it does not get better after repair, it needs to be replaced with a new battery.

When the battery is being charged, it heats up seriously.Due to the battery to the end of life, the positive pole will be seriously softening (the main failure mode), active substances fall off, the internal resistance increases, and the plate impurity elements constantly dissolve out, so that when charging the gas evolution rate increases, the efficiency becomes poor, the heating capacity increases.At this time, if you open the battery safety valve for inspection, you will see the electrolyte "black", serious failure can not be repaired.At this time, the battery self-discharge, very quickly, sometimes after charging quickly out of power.

Life of the battery, a variety of performance is greatly reduced, performance is very unstable, may cause adverse consequences: such as charging heat deformation, short circuit, open circuit, and even explosion risk.Therefore, the battery to the end of life should be timely replacement of a new battery.

When your electric bike battery appears these symptoms, remember to replace the battery asap!

Battery replacement principle

There are many reasons for battery problems, in addition to the bulge, "powder off", plate broken grid, short circuit, shell damage and other circumstances, -- generally do not need to replace, as long as the maintenance can continue to use.The bulge is caused by overcharging of the battery. The battery in the bulge is deformed and consumers can feel it by touching it.Casing damage can also be visually detected;"Powder off", plate broken grid and short circuit, you need to open the battery to see, if the repair business with these two reasons for replacement, the owner can ask the repair business on the spot to open the battery for inspection.

For the new and old battery, the owner can see whether there are welding or used traces at thejunction, also can see whether the shell is clean, the old battery after renovation, always leave traces of use.In addition, when replacing a new battery, first check the package of the battery to be replaced, it is better to check before unpacking.Before the electric bicycle is sent for repair, the model of electric bicycle battery, motor and corresponding accessories must be understood clearly, and must be checked at the end of maintenance.

Due to the differences in the battery manufacturing level and the manufacturing process of each manufacturer, there may be slight differences in the batteries of different manufacturers. Therefore, when choosing batteries, we should try to choose batteries with high quality and good reputation.