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Wing has launched a new, cheaper Freedom X, a stylish e-bike

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New York-based Wing Bikes has launched the Freedom X, an update to the company's lineup of e-bikes, offering fine e-bike styles at non-discount prices.

The Wing Freedom X starts at $1,248 (with the promotion code TAKE200) and retains a similar frame style to the previous generation, with an ultra-long jack extending back and forth across the main triangle.

The jacking pipe inserts the headlights and taillights directly into the frame.This is becoming a trend.In addition to the interesting frame design, the 20 MPH (32 km/h) bike design now has additional features, such as integrated torque sensors to provide smoother pedal assistance, and a display built into the handlebar.

Batteries have also been replaced from frame-mounted batteries to frame-integrated batteries, hiding the bulky power pack.Between the integrated battery and display, Wing Freedom X is almost like a standard bike, not an electric bike.

Wing has launched a new, cheaper Freedom X, a stylish e-bike

The only major clue to the bike's auxiliary characteristics is the 550W ac hub motor in the rear wheels.Throttle is an optional accessory that transforms bikes from a class 1 electric bike design to a class 2 electric bike design in the United States.

If you think this framework design looks familiar, you're right.If we don't point out that Wing's bike is similar to VanMoof's expensive European electric bike, we'll be ignored.

While wings may not be able to compete with VanMoof's quality or components, they still offer some nice specs at a much lower price.Wing Freedom X includes a built-in safety system that prevents people from leaving with their relatively lightweight 39-pound (17.7-kilogram) e-bike.

They also offer three different battery capacities, allowing users to choose the range they want.Options include 317WH, 375WH, and 504WH batteries, pedal-assisted ranges estimated at 35, 45, and 60 miles (56, 72, and 96 km), or use a bicycle's "turbo boost" to nearly half that.

Wing has launched a new, cheaper Freedom X, a stylish e-bike

While Wing Bikes offers consumer-oriented sales through its website, it also has a brick-and-mortar store in New York City, offers test rides and has established relationships with third-party service providers across the country to help riders in need.

In addition to the $1,248 Wing Freedom X, Wing offers A Freedom 2, TAKE200 promotion starting at $998.It uses a similar frame, but lacks torque sensors and a built-in stem display.For shorter drivers, Wing provided Freedom S2 and Freedom Fatty 2 -Freedom S2 version of fat tires.