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Launched the new Tier electric scooter in New York

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Electric scooters were launched in york yesterday and could be rolled out further, allowing people to ride to new community stadiums from the town mall and Park&Ride stations.

Small scooters are beginning to appear in the city centre and can be rented through an app once riders have confirmed their full or temporary driving licences.It costs £1 to unlock the bike and 15p per minute to ride.

But other cities' schemes have run into problems, and York faces its own challenge - what if the scooter ends up in the river?Can they be used on sidewalks or in pedestrianized areas?What if the rider breaks the rules?

"First of all, they're waterproof," says Fred Jones, Tier's general manager.They have location sensors on them, so we know if it's going to [fall into the river] and we're working with a company to roll them out.

"You wouldn't be able to use them in [pedestrian-only downtown streets], they would slow down so much that they would have to be pushed."

The company is insured, he said.Therefore, if an accident occurs and it is the cyclist's fault, third-party insurance is required.

People can also be fined and get a six-point driving licence for breaking the rules - including using electric scooters on pavements.

Each scooter is designed with a light and its own license plate number.Anyone who finds a violation can report it to a dedicated phone line or E-mail address - which could result in the person being banned from using the scooter.

Launched the new Tier electric scooter in New York

The company said it wanted to roll out the service slowly to solve any problems, so it was initially limited to 50 scooters in the city.

If the plan is successful, the city could have as many as 1,000 scooters and up to 350 parking Spaces.

Fred adds: "If it doesn't work out, we are slowly improving and designing presentations that people will accept.We will only do this on a scale where we need it and where we can do it safely."

Each scooter comes with a collapsible helmet and phone charger.They can reach a top speed of 12.5 MPH, but are limited in some areas.

Fred added that in some areas, electric scooters have been provided free of charge to police officers to help them patrol - an option for the York Force.

The scooters will be available 24 hours a day, which the company hopes will mean people going to and from work using scooters instead of public transport.

Fred added: "The appeal is really broad - early adopters include young professionals, students, commuters and business workers, as well as low earners, because it's cheap and always available.

"This is a viable alternative to private cars."We are completely immune to the weather, we never throw them away, we repair them, we recycle them and reuse them.We also refurbished it so it could be sold on the private market."

The scooter is designed to have a replaceable battery that can be replaced by a crew member on an electric cargo bike.Electric vans and broken scooters are repaired outside rush hours, so there is no increase in traffic.Teams of about 20 levels of staff will be based in York to create new jobs in the city.