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How to properly charge a new electric bike? Did you do it right?

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Because of its advantages such as light and convenient, low carbon and environmental protection, electric vehicles have become the second most popular means of transportation after bicycles.However, after many users just bought electric vehicles, are not clear about how to properly charge the new electric vehicles, here is to answer the common charging problems for you.

Should the battery of new electric bike be used up completely after recharging?

Many users are used to charging a new electric bike after it runs out of power. However, this is not a good idea.Because the loss of power is extremely damaging to the battery, which will seriously reduce the battery life, it is not possible to recharge the battery until the battery is completely used up, no matter whether you buy a new electric bicycle or recharge the battery at ordinary times.

Battery in the factory is generally full power state, but before the sale of the battery are self-discharge phenomenon, so it is suggested that, if the newly bought electric bike battery is insufficient, should first supplement the battery power before use.

How to properly charge a new electric bike? Did you do it right?

So how much power is left in an electric bike battery for charging?In general, it's best to start charging when the battery has dropped to about 30%.And for users who often need to take people, carry things, it is recommended to start charging when the remaining power is around 50%.If out or placed for a long time, it is recommended to charge once a month to avoid battery loss due to self-discharge, thus affecting the battery life.

Will the first charge of an electric bike take more than 12 hours?

Many users believe that the first charge of a newly purchased e-bike should take more than 12 hours, which is false.

Under normal circumstances, the battery of an electric vehicle is charged for a time between 8 and 10 hours, plus floating charge time, a charge time had better not exceed 12 hours.This is because the overcharging of the battery will lead to faster water loss, easy to make the battery bulge deformation, shorten the service life of the battery.

In fact, in order to have a more durable electric vehicle battery, the most important thing is to choose a high-performance battery with excellent performance, small self-discharge, longer range and long service life. Choose ultra-power battery to make your electric vehicle more powerful and make your riding experience more comfortable and safe.