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What you need to know before using electric scooters in Canberra

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What you need to know before using electric scooters in Canberra

How do they work?

To use the Beam or Neuron scooter, you download the respective app and scan the scooter's QR code to unlock it and start riding.All scooters come with helmets that you can unlock from the app when you start riding.

The maximum speed limit for electric scooters is 15 km/h on sidewalks and 25 km/h on roads.They will automatically slow down in designated heavy traffic areas near Braddon and Civic.There are also designated parking areas - the Beam and Neuron apps will remind you that you can't leave it for the next person.

Can I ride it on the road?

Detective Inspector Boorman said users should avoid the road if possible and slow down around pedestrians."They can only ride on the road if there is no sidewalk or it is impractical," he said."If there are a lot of people on the sidewalk, when you cross the sidewalk, you must stay on the left and slow down."

What you need to know before using electric scooters in Canberra

Where can I go?

Geo-fencing limits how far you can travel through the city on an electric scooter.The Neuron and Beam apps provide an overview of where scooters can be used and cannot be parked.

If you take the scooter outside these border, it slows down and locks.

If you accidentally cross the border, you can temporarily unlock it and return to the geosynclined area, but you won't be able to get anywhere quickly until you return to the approved area.If the scooter is not in the right place, it may add to the extra cost.

The northern cycling area includes parts of Turner, O 'Connor, Lynnham, Ainsley and Dixon, and travels through Reid, Bradden and Swaywich towards the centre.You can also bring scooters to Campbell and Russell.

In the south, scooters can be ridden at certain places in Deakin, Forrest, Narrabundah and Fyshwick.

Both Neuron and Beam scooters can be used in Belconnen near Ginninderra Lake and can be extended to part of Macquarie.

How much do they want?

Beam scooters currently have no unlocking cost and cost 45 cents per minute.

The Neuron scooters cost $1 to unlock and 38C per minute.Regular users can also use the 3-day, weekly and monthly pass.

What you need to know before using electric scooters in Canberra

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, the law requires users to use helmets.Both the Beam and Neuron scooters come with helmets that unlock when you ride.

Is there any age limit for riding a scooter?

Detective Superintendent Marcus Boorman says children under 12 must be supervised by an adult.

But Neuron says its electric scooters should only be used by adults 18 and older.

Do I need insurance?

Both Beam and Neuron offer personal accident insurance.Neuron insurance covers "certain bodily injuries," but the organization says not all incidents are covered.

They say riders should contact their customer support team for more details.

Beam also offers insurance for riders under the age of 70.If the driver needs assistance, they should be contacted in the event of an accident.In an emergency or serious accident, you should first call the emergency center.