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Hamilton is working on a long-term plan to encourage people to use bicycles and electric scooters

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What would make you ride a bicycle or an electric scooter?

A long-term plan is being developed to encourage the use of bicycles and electric scooters to encourage safe and attractive modes of transportation, and Hamilton City Council would like to hear from you.

"We know that less than 4 percent of Hamiltonians use bicycles as their primary means of transportation.That means there's a great opportunity to get more people on bicycles and scooters and to use them more frequently, especially on short trips to cities.""Said Councilwoman Angela O'Leary.

Councillor O'Leary said: "We wanted to hear the community's view of Hamilton as a safe, relaxed and fun city to ride bikes or scooters around."

"Sixty percent of all car trips in Hamilton are within five kilometers, and more than 20 percent are less than two kilometers.It takes about 20 minutes to ride a bike five kilometers."Eeva-liisa Wright, general manager of infrastructure operations at the city Council.

Hamilton is working on a long-term plan to encourage people to use bicycles and electric scooters

People tell us that the main obstacle to cycling is their safety.Other factors include weather, distance, lack of bicycle access, lack of vehicular access, need to transport other vehicles, need to wear helmets and lack of information about cycling."She said.

To address some of these obstacles, we have identified four themes or priority areas and will be seeking community feedback on October 22, solstice and November 18.Let us know what you think and why you are encouraged to ride your bike or scooter.

The feedback will contribute to the final plan, which may include a range of projects and actions such as new e-bike paths, safety and education plans, policies, regulations and better travel-ending facilities.

We hope that some operations will be implemented soon, while others may be more complex and require further study or investigation.The final plan is likely to be finalized in early 2021 and would expand the existing e-bike program under the city Council's current Hamilton Bike Plan for 2015-2045.