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A new scheme will bring more than 200 electric scooters to Nottingham

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From next week, a new scheme will make electric scooters available for hire in Nottingham.

More than 200 electric scooters will be rented in the city during a 12-month trial period starting Tuesday, Oct. 27.

In Nottingham and Derby, scooters have been chosen as operational plans, meaning that people working and living in the city can rent scooters for anywhere from a month to a year.

The monthly fee is £30, plus a £50 deposit, charged by the minute at 12p per minute.

Key employees will be able to sign up for a discounted long-term lease, during which time they will be able to take the scooters home for exclusive use.

Adele Williams, Councillor for Nottingham City Council's Transport Owners Committee, said: "The electric scooter design will provide people travelling in Nottingham with greener travel options.This is especially important when we plan to recover from COVID-19 and encourage people to travel differently while encouraging distance from society.

"Electric scooters are designed to provide the potential for convenient, clean and affordable travel and reduce the number of trips by car to ease traffic congestion and reduce harmful emissions."

Each scooter will also be supplied with hand sanitizers and safety risks will be reviewed regularly throughout the trial.People who want to rent electric scooters must be at least 16 years old and have a temporary driving license.