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Is it safe to modify electric bikes? What are the risks?

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With the trend of The Times, there are more and more friends above the society, like the modified electric bikes.So is it safe to retrofit an electric bike?Today we reveal the dangers of modified electric bikes.

  1. Causing an explosion

Cell are acidic chemicals commonly, the battery will produce corrosive acid mist, late when modified electric bike battery, terminals and so on tend to produce damage, lead to cable corrosion speed and disconnect, if the optional buckle a conductor, produce lighter, will ignite the accumulator when internal oxygen, cause explosion!

Is it safe to modify electric bikes? What are the risks?

  1. Spontaneous combustion

The first thing to change about a modified e-bike battery is the circuit.The original thin wire through a large current, the circuit will be unstable, electric vehicles in charging or running, prone to short circuit, thus causing spontaneous combustion.When electric bikes are fitted with batteries, they do pick up speed quickly.But due to the increased voltage, the controller or motor of the modified electric vehicle is easy to burn off!

  1. Overspeed and uncontrollable danger

Electric bike belongs to the scope of bicycle after all, everybody cannot ask electric bike according to the speed of motorcycle.The country's regulations are also based on safety concerns, because most e-bikes don't brake like motorcycles, so going too fast can be dangerous.However, in order to pursue speed, some people modify the battery, which will increase the weight of the vehicle, leading to the weakening of people's control ability, the more likely to lose control during the driving process, the electric bike will become a flying deadly bike.