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Electric vehicles want the “right of way” is expected to solve the capital’s first non-motorized road planning and design standards!

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Recently, Beijing issued standard of places across the country take the lead in the walking and bicycle traffic environment planning and design standards, set in Beijing at all levels to urban road on both sides of the sidewalk and non-motor vehicle lanes as mandatory clause, and mandatory provisions shall not by squeezing out of the existing road pavement, non-motor vehicle driveways way to expand the lanes, has diverted should be restored.This Standard will be implemented on April 1, 2021.

The traffic chaos of electric vehicles, depends on how to manage, rather than on how to eliminate, the existence of just need must be respected!Some experts believe that the division of right of way is a "good medicine" to control the traffic chaos of electric vehicles, and the "medicine citation" of this "good medicine" is the new national standard.With the implementation of the new national standard for electric vehicles and the promotion and listing management of electric bicycles, the trend of illegal and frequent accidents of electric vehicles seems not to be effectively contained. There is a problem of lack of management, which is also greatly related to the fact that the right of way of electric vehicles as non-motor vehicles cannot be guaranteed for a long time and the poor traffic environment.In this context, Beijing issued the bicycle (non-motor vehicle) right of way "standards" can be timely.

Electric vehicles want the 'right of way' is expected to solve the capital's first non-motorized road planning and design standards!

For a long time, non-motor vehicles such as electric vehicles and bicycles have been criticized for running red lights, driving in the wrong direction, and taking motor vehicle lanes.Whenever there are casualties involving electric vehicles, people feel regret for the dead and injured, at the same time, they often point to electric vehicles illegal, that this not only destroyed the traffic order, but also a major cause of accidents.It should also be noted that, due to the non-motor vehicle right of way is not guaranteed, many electric vehicles are illegal to some extent is "forced" out.

In recent years, there have been occasional reports of the narrowest sidewalks, revealing just how bad the walking environment can be.The same is true of the environment faced by non-motor vehicles as slow traffic.The non-motorized lane is too narrow, the non-motorized lane is not set up, the non-motorized lane is occupied by illegally parked vehicles, and so on. It is not uncommon to be forced into the motorized lane sometimes and to risk mixing with motor vehicles.The standard sets sidewalks and non-motorized lanes on both sides of the road as mandatory provisions, which is the face of this problem.

Electric vehicles want the 'right of way' is expected to solve the capital's first non-motorized road planning and design standards!

"It's not that we like to jam on the motorway, sometimes there's really no way out."The electric bike owner complained.This is because the design and construction of public transportation space in many cities lacks rationality.For example, the authorities did not consider the need for e-bikes when designing Bridges and planning roads.In addition, with the increase of car ownership, many non-motorized lanes are frequently crowded.Therefore, when constructing roads and setting road signs, relevant departments take into account such issues as electric lanes, driving and parking, so as to make youdao feasible, stop-able and orderly driving.

The problem of electric bikes being forced to break the law cannot be solved.Whether it is mandatory to carve sidewalks, non-motorized lanes, or the abolition of motor vehicle parking Spaces to build bicycle parking areas, all reflect the importance of slow traffic right of way in Beijing, which is conducive to the establishment of a good traffic environment for pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, which is undoubtedly worthy of thumb up.However, natural resources and planning departments are the main bodies to issue the standard, and then municipal and public security departments need to cooperate with each other and work together to work out feasible detailed rules to ensure the implementation of the policy.If Beijing can solve the right-of-way problem well under this standard, it is worth imitating elsewhere!