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The design process of bicycle, the earliest bicycle is actually made of wood?

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With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection and green, bicycles have become a big choice for many people to travel. The design of bicycles also follows the market demand in materials, techniques and styles, and new materials, refined processing, ingenious and high-quality bicycles have gradually emerged in the market.

Bicycle not only becomes a tool for people to travel, but also adds sports, leisure, entertainment, fashion and other fields. More scientific and cultural elements are integrated into the design of bicycle.

But can you imagine that?The modern and novel bicycle design was originally made of wood!Speaking of wooden bicycles, we have to start with the history of the development of bicycles.

At the end of the 18th century, the French Sifraka invented the first bicycle.The earliest bike in the world was made of wood, had no engine and could only be pedalled vigorously with a human foot, and was not as free to change direction as a modern bicycle.Bikes without steering gear want to change direction, so they have to stop, get off and be moved to change direction.

The first truly practical bicycles were born in the 19th century, German Dreas invented wooden bicycles with handlebars. Although they also had to pedal forward by foot, they could change direction as they moved forward, which aroused wide attention from people as soon as they came into being.

The design process of bicycle, the earliest bicycle is actually made of wood?

The bicycle with the real modern form was born in 1874. Lawson, an Englishman, added a chain to the bicycle in an ingenious way and pushed the bicycle forward with the chain.

Later, after continuous development and improvement of bicycle design, the modern bicycle gradually came into being.In China in the 1970s and 1980s, bicycles, watches and sewing machines were known as the three wedding items, which were the symbols of well-off families at that time.

In the 21st century, bicycle is no longer the three big things that it used to be. However, it is very common to use it and it is getting closer and closer to people's life.

However, different from the original bicycle, it adopts gear drive, which greatly improves the cycling speed and reliability of transmission. Cycling is free of chain worries and will not encounter foot trousers. It has a simple structure and is safe and comfortable.

Bicycle has a history of more than two hundred years since its introduction to today's society. The design of bicycle has also changed from the original wooden and chainless bicycle to the current chainless bicycle. Every change is to adapt to the society and consumers.

Each change in bicycle design concept is a major breakthrough that brings the bicycle into a new era.