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Tony Ellsworth has unveiled a novel belt-driven carbon-fiber frame electric bike

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World-famous mountain bike manufacturer Tols Ellsworth (known as Ellsworth Bikes) is back with a brand new brand of electric Bikes, The Ride Bikes.Its first eye-catching model, Radiant Carbon, was unveiled today.

Radiant Carbon is a commuter - and cruice-oriented electric bike with plenty of extras on a ready-made carbon-fiber frame.Tony has spent decades building high-end mountain bikes for top riders.He has recently set his sights on electric bike brands based on top local manufacturing and high-end components.

Tony Ellsworth has unveiled a novel belt-driven carbon-fiber frame electric bike

As Tony explained:

"I really want to package all the qualities and all the features that I personally want, and that will meet my expectations in every bike design That I design.Over the course of 30 years, I've kept in touch with the high quality parts and all the high quality features in the model bike."

Radiant Carbon adopts a unique carbon-fiber frame design with a single supporting fork at the back and a single asymmetric chain support and seat support.

However, you won't find an old fashioned chain that goes by on that chain.Instead, Radiant Carbon USES a Gates Carbon fiber belt system with a recommended lifespan of 50,000 miles (80,000 km).

The belt drive connects the 500W and 60Nm Shimano middle drive motor to the Nuvinci-optimized Enviolo CVT in the rear hub.The use of hubs with internal gears means no suspended transmission and no noise, which also complements the silent belt drive.

Tony Ellsworth has unveiled a novel belt-driven carbon-fiber frame electric bike

Designed as a class 1 e-bike system, the Shimano actuator provides pedal-assisted power for bikes up to 20 MPH (32 km/h), but has no throttle.

The motor is powered by a 630-WH battery, which is completely hidden in the frame and has a range of 100 miles (160km).

I tested a similar Shimano setup and found that this range can be achieved with moderate pedal assistance, although self-discipline is required to not rely too heavily on pedal assistance.

Other high-end components include four-piston Magura hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear LED lights that are directly integrated into the bike's frame, Schwalbe Super Moto 27.5 tires and Bluetooth connectivity.

Only 360 bikes will be made, and of course that won't give any benefit to the price.To get your own Radiant Carbon, you need to pay $4,995 or more.