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Slough has opened roads and bus lanes to electric scooters

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From today, electric scooters will be used on Slough's roads and bus lanes - as it has become one of 13 towns approved by the Department for Transport to take part in the trials.

The committee is working with Neuron Mobility, a world-leading electric car company, which will offer 250 unique orange electric scooters for hire as an alternative to travel and 25 employees to coordinate the trials.

Staff will help riders learn how to use electric scooters and cycling rules, and clean them thoroughly after use.

You can also see when electric scooters are allowed on the road and for how long

Park the scooter on one of the 60 stations displayed on the Neuron app.For a one-way trip, it costs £1 to unlock the scooters and 18p a minute thereafter.More frequent users can choose to buy the Neuron pass through a subscription service that costs £15 three days a week, £22 a week and £36 a month.

Slough has opened roads and bus lanes to electric scooters

The top speed on the scooters is 15.5 miles per hour for experienced riders and 9 miles per hour for beginners.Each has a license plate to prevent misuse.

Slough can also be seen as "one of the best digital towns in the world"

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for sustainable Transport and the Environment, has been road-testing electric scooters.He said: "It is easy to ride on the Neuron scooter and I can see how practical they can be as an alternative mode of transport.

"As part of the trial, they can now ride not only on Slough's roads but also along bus-only lanes, making it easier to get around."They can only be fined if they ride on the pavement."

To rent an electric scooter, drivers must be 18 or older and have a temporary or full driving licence.They will only be allowed on roads for a 12-month trial period, and riders will be able to use the town's buses and bike lanes on the road.

Even cyclists are not allowed to use electric scooters for hire on any pavement.Private electric scooters are still banned from any public roads.