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Beam has become Canberra’s second fleet of Shared electric scooters

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There will be more electric scooters on the move in Canberra as the second fleet of electric scooters under a regional sharing scheme has been launched.Beam Mobility's purple electric scooters hit the streets of Canberra on Thursday.

Nearly a month after the first electric scooters were launched.Neuron Mobility's bright orange electric scooter has been snapped up by Campeilan.

Beam's purple electric scooter will kick off its launch by offering free rides on Voting Saturdays.

Khoa Pham, general manager of Beam Australia and New Zealand, said: "We are delighted to be making our maiden voyage in Canberra and offer a safe, affordable and environmentally friendly transport option."

Beam has become Canberra's second fleet of Shared electric scooters

Liang said they will increase cleaning of scooters and helmets."We have seen first-hand the impact COVID has had on the Australian community and Beam is committed to providing every rider with a safe and healthy journey," said Mr Fan.

Liang said their scooters would be "virtual docked".They say they will create parking areas for riders by using technology and GPS to direct riders to appropriate parking Spaces.

Last year, after the vehicles were legalised, the ACT government tried to set up a Shared electric scooter scheme.The government conducted the benefit presentation process and chose Beam and Neuron to provide the scooters.

Scooters are available for use in Canberra inner North, inner South and Belconnen.Geo-fencing technology can prevent scooters from entering restricted areas.If the user rides from the allowed area, the electric scooter is parked.

Neuron has been forced to update its geo-fencing technology to stop scooters from parking on state land.The move came after Sally Barnes, the chief executive of the National Capital Administration, said at a parliamentary hearing last week that the vehicles were "already in places where they shouldn't be."

Beam and Neuron will offer 750 scooters each.