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Bird has launched a half-price electric scooter for low-income residents, veterinarians and the elderly

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Last month, the city released data on Chicago's second electric scooter pilot, showing that "lock-in" rules have led to fewer sidewalks and vandalism problems, and that daily deployments to the south and west priority areas, which typically have less bus service than the North, are close to the 50 percent target.Yesterday, Bird, one of the top three vendors along with Lime and Spin, announced more good news for scooter equity, announcing a half-price ride program for low-income Chicagoans, veterans, seniors, and others.

Bird has provided free 30-minute rides to health care workers twice a day throughout the pandemic, and during September it has provided teacher services to cities across the country.The new Community Pricing program offers a 50 percent discount for low-income residents, pell grant recipients, certain local nonprofits and community organizations, veterinarians and seniors.

"In a distant and uncertain world, the ability to travel safely, sustainably and affordably is more important than ever," Rebecca Hahn, Bird's chief corporate social responsibility officer, said in a statement."We hope that our new, expanded community pricing scheme will not only bring greater accessibility to people affected by recent public transport pressures, but will also provide a small fraction of the reliability and assurance of people within a year."

Bird has launched a half-price electric scooter for low-income residents, veterinarians and the elderly

To register for a community pricing plan, follow these three steps:

1.Download the Bird app

2. Create an account

3. Email your credentials to

Wait 2-3 business days for them to approve your submission.

Lime, meanwhile, offers Lime Access, a program that offers discounted fares for eligible drivers in America and electric scooters for those without smartphones or credit cards.To qualify, you must demonstrate participation in a local, state, or federal public interest program.Typically, the program offers discounts of 70 percent or more on scooters.

Spin access is also designed to make scooters available to people who don't have smartphones, mobile location services or credit cards.Eligible residents can also enjoy discounts.