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Under the popular mode of two-wheelshared trips, how to develop the market of shared e-bikes?

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The rise of the sharing economy can be seen from the transformation of transportation modes such as bicycles and cars.Shared bikes, shared motorcycles, and shared electric vehicles from private bike lanes are becoming more and more popular.

In March 2019, the ministry of communications and other seven ministries jointly issued by the "green industry guidance catalogue (2019 edition)" is the Internet lease electric bicycle into the development of green industry directory, explicitly encourage the development of Shared traffic facilities construction and operation, the development of shared transportation business, share transfer in electric bicycle industry development, giant and capital also began to hot.

This year, with didi qingju, hello, Meituan and other giants high-profile entry, sharing e-bike industry has also become more lively.In April, Didi announced the "0188" plan, one of which aims to achieve 100 million orders a day worldwide within three years. The two-wheel business of Shared bikes and Shared e-bikes is seen as an important support point.In August, Meituan released its financial report for the second quarter of 2020, which showed that it had invested nearly 300,000 motorcycles in the second quarter, and would continue to increase the number of motorcycles in the business this year.A cycling data report released by Qingju on Oct. 10 shows that local trips in Changsha are on the rise during the "National Day" Golden Week.Compared with the same period last year, the demand for shared motorcycles in Changsha increased by 16 percent, with the peak time of 8, 14 and 18everyday.

Under the popular mode of two-wheelshared trips, how to develop the market of shared e-bikes?

The future market of shared electricity orders has raised multiple expectations.Statistics show that the number of Shared motorcycles in China has exceeded 1 million in 2019, and the number is expected to exceed 8 million in 2025.

However, behind the popularity of shared motorcycles, there are still many problems to be solved.

For example, random parking on city sidewalks impedes the passage of pedestrians, and random parking on the side of the road affects traffic.What's more, the shared e-bikes at the gate of some campuses pose great safety risks on the way for students to ride. It is very dangerous for some students to change lanes at will or to ride overloaded bikes.

Under the popular mode of two-wheelshared trips, how to develop the market of shared e-bikes?

Of course, in addition to shared bikes, the development of intelligent network car industry is also very hot at present.At the present stage, China has taken the intelligent connected vehicle as an important strategic direction of national development, constantly accelerating the development of intelligent connected vehicle.China's smart travel market has strong potential demand, diversified application scenarios, good related industrial foundation, and unique advantages in the development of intelligent internet-connected vehicles.In the future, the development of intelligent network automobile industry will also achieve more new results.

With the booming development of all kinds of shared bikes, smart cars and online ride-hailing, it is not easy for Shared motorcycles to get a piece of the cake.In the process of expanding the market, enterprises should still focus on improving product quality, upgrading technical system and innovating promotion mode.In doing so, more possibilities will be created for the long-term profitability of enterprises.

Every user traveling on a shared motorcycle should consciously abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the state, and be a civilized and orderly traveler!