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Oohbike: This futuristic electric bike no longer has spokes

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Design studies often suffer the fate of never being mass-produced, despite winning awards.

An exception to this rule is the Oohbike in Spain, which is now being mass-produced after winning a European Product design award.The spotless front wheel is not only striking.

Oohbike: This futuristic electric bike no longer has spokes

Spanish design team AnimaBarcelona has an electric bike called Oohbike that may be looking for this reaction.The futuristic electric bike's front wheel is designed without spokes and other anomalies that will only surprise viewers.

The Oohbike's frame consists of a single tube, thick enough to fit the entire technology inside.The battery is located in the jacking tube.It fell onto the saddle and kinked there.At its end is the central engine, from which a swinging arm leads to the rear hub.At this point, e-bikes look almost routine because the rear wheels have spokes.

Oohbike: This futuristic electric bike no longer has spokes

On the front wheel, however, you search in vain for spokes or hubs.It seems to be floating.Manufacturers don't have circuits either - pure practice.The pedal force is transmitted through the belt to the rear sprocket.The Oohbike should be aimed at Cowboy 3 (city dwellers) fans who are looking for a cool swing bike to go to work.It should be as flat and paved as possible because, in addition to shifting gears, the AnimaBarcelona also saves on suspension.

Further technical details have not been released, but can at least be seen in the images.The Oohbike will have a Brose display screen on its cover that will display the battery's power through a light-emitting diode.Thus, the powertrain may also have come from Brose.The most likely is the Brose DriveC, with a 250-watt electric motor and 50nm.Therefore, Brose's 630 watt tube battery will also be used.That would mean a range of up to 150km.

For example, contrary to the bike design concept Bosch proposed in the summer, Oohbike is not just a theory, but can now be ordered on the company's website.Customers can choose from eight colors.The delivery date and price of the e-bike have not yet been determined.