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Gogoro Eeyo 1 Ultralight electric bikes speed up commutes

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With stadiums closed or limited time available, cycling has become a popular way to maintain the aerobic fitness of countless homes at bedtime.Unfortunately, in our experience, wearing hard hats and masks while biking in our local hillside community has been proven to exceed our pedal wage.Since then, we've been working on electric bikes, wondering how the electric assist wheels work when the legs and lungs need help.Gogoro, a maker of micro-mobility, caught our attention.With the Eeyo 1, sleek, ultra-light carbon fiber bike this negates any compromise in form or function.

Gogoro Eeyo 1 Ultralight electric bikes speed up commutes

Obviously, the Eeyo 1 ultra light electric bike silhouette is based on a traditional flat city bike/hybrid rather than the clunky Frankenstein-like frame that is so common in the e-bike category.

Eeyo's minimalist and very clever frame weighs just 26.4 pounds, thanks to A carbon fiber reinforced frame and front fork design from Keffra, as well as a seat, handlebars and rim made from carbon fiber.By comparison, electric Bikes such as the Aventon Pace 500 weigh 49 pounds and affordable Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 weigh 48 pounds.

The Eeyo 1's weight and design are its main praises as an urban commuter bike, but the bike's fully digital drive features fully integrated electric motors, batteries, sensors and smart connections, housed in a compact, free-standing rear hub that pacifies the bike.The rider is most prominent in regular use, with auxiliary functions in the 40-55 mile range and a top speed of 19mph.

Gogoro Eeyo 1 Ultralight electric bikes speed up commutes

The EeYO-based Gates Carbon Belt Drive Smartwheel intelligent power assist system is also designed to detect the rider's efforts and increase the power of the assist pedal when needed.The Eeyo comes in two models, the Eero 1S ($4599), with an all-carbon fiber frame, front fork, seat rod, handlebar and rim, and weighs 26.4 LBS., or the less expensive Eeyo 1 ($3899) with a carbon fiber frame and front fork.With alloy seats, handlebars and rims, it weighs a little over 27.5 pounds.