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Replace the front wheels, out of the box, and make your bike electric in a second

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Traffic jams are a perennial problem in cities, and to avoid them, and perhaps also to get fit, cycling has become a popular choice.

However, sometimes the journey is too far, cycling is easy to get tired, and most electric vehicles are heavy, heavy style, not particularly convenient to use, the price may also be a little more expensive than ordinary bicycles.

Re-inventing any bike design in a second, re-inventing the front Wheel gives you the most affordable and convenient electric bike experience.

It sounds a lot like having a spare tire for your bike, so you can upgrade the cycling experience if you want it, and it's a must for the lazy.

The entire installation and usage process is fairly simple.Remove the front wheel from your bike, replace the top E wheel, tighten the bolts, and you're done.

Replace the front wheels, out of the box, and make your bike electric in a second

The brake and brake lever are already fitted to the wheels and will also come with fastening nuts and gaskets.

After installation, press the button on the brake lever to open the E wheel.When the Wheel-E is turned on, the algorithm immediately calculates the amount of energy it needs to output, and when you start riding, it runs automatically.

When you don't need it, press the button to turn off wheel-E. It's still a regular bike.

When electric properties are combined with a variety of lightweight bikes, it's as if the results are both physical and functional, ideal for young people.

Of course, an E-wheel is much cheaper than buying an e-bike, and it can be used for more than one cycle, mounted on different bikes, to suit the needs of multiple family members.

The team has been developing the Wheel-E for more than two years, putting user experience at the top of their list and envisioningthe concept of a direct e-wheel drive.

Since it's an electric bike, the Wheel-E also needs to be recharged. It comes with a configured power cord and adapter, and a full charge takes five hours.

One of the challenges in developing the Wheel-E was finding the optimal battery layout. The final product for the market could hold 60 batteries with a total capacity of 385 watt-hours.

The Wheel-E's pedal assist is up to 25 kilometers per hour and can be connected to Bluetooth and GPS for complete braking.

Now E wheel is available in white, black, or silver. Suitable hub and tire sizes can be provided according to different requirements. Basically, it can cover all standard types of bikes except very special models.

Replace the front wheels, out of the box, and make your bike electric in a second

Also, to make the Re-E-e more durable, the team used an unconventional spoke design that allowed the power pack to stand alone.

In this way, even if the use of a long time, only need to replace the power components, the entire wheel does not have to replace, or very environmentally friendly concept.

The overall weight of the Wheel-E is 9kg, and the parts that account for the most weight will not be heavier than a single bike, and the weight is evenly distributed to ensure that users will not notice the extra weight in front of them when riding, which will ruin the riding experience.

Of course, the first thing Wheel-E needs to do is to be safe.The product is said to have been designed entirely according to the European electric bicycle code, with an additional brake wheel to meet the full specification, not just as an auxiliary function.

The team is also developing software simultaneously to develop other potential possibilities for the E-wheel to work with the help of technology.

To give all bikes electric performance and to be replaceable and reversible, a premium spare tire for a good-looking bike design, do you think that would work?