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Poimo’s latest inflatable electric scooter can be customized to your body posture

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Earlier this year, Kawahara lab/Niiyama Lab at the University of Tokyo and Mercari showed off the Poimo, a flexible, transportable personal electric scooter that can be inflated.In an effort to redefine the way electric individuals travel by combining soft robots, the creative team has launched a second iteration of scooter design that can be customized to the user's body and riding style by photographing their imaginary riding gestures.

Poimo's new products include not only electric scooters but also manual wheelchairs.Lightweight, soft, compact and foldable, poimo breaks new ground in terms of personal mobility.What makes the project unique is that it leverages the advantages of being individually tailored and contributes to the realization of an inclusive society where everyone has access to the means of transportation that is right for them.

Poimo's latest inflatable electric scooter can be customized to your body posture

"Even if you're not an expert, you can easily design individual mobility for each user's physique and riding style by simply photographing the position of the vehicle you want to use using proprietary software," Poimo commented.The balloon structure is suitable for customization because it can be made by cutting durable fabrics and making them into any shape.Not only the body, but also the steering wheel and wheels are made of balloon construction, so it is lighter and softer than traditional maneuverability, and can bleed and fold.Traditional forms of personal mobility include electric bikes, scooters and electric standing scooters, but they cannot be customised.

The new poimo scooter is also designed with product management in mind, such as how to carry and store the product.Although scooters can be inflated to the size of an ordinary motorcycle or wheelchair, they can be deflated and folded to compact storage, making them easy to carry.

Poimo's latest inflatable electric scooter can be customized to your body posture

"In addition, in this study, we developed proprietary software that allows users to design vehicles of a size and shape appropriate to their height and posture.For example, when designing a Poimo of an electric motorcycle type, the user first imagines the motorcycle he wants to build, then poses with a chair and waits to ride it.The software extracts 3D information from the posture, automatically designs the shape and size of the vehicle based on the user's posture, and displays it as a 3D model on the screen.According to the proposed design, the user can further customize the steering wheel, seat position, etc. The software can automatically adjust the design parameters, so as not to affect the strength, stability and operability.The adjusted final design outputs data that can be ordered as-is."