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Exro’s proprietary Coil Driver technology has proven to greatly improve the performance of e-bikes

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We are a leading technology company that has developed new power electronics products for electric motors and powertrains. We are pleased to announce that third-party testing has proven its patented Coil Driver technology has significantly improved the performance of e-bikes.

Vancouver-based Electric bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer and distributor Motorino Electric (" Motorino ") has tested Exro's technology in the field until 2020.Tests found that the Exro enhanced electric bike improved performance by more than 20 per cent and by 50 per cent in climbing conditions.Exro will now begin negotiations for commercial products in 2021.

"During testing, the Exro enhanced electric bike design improved performance in climbing conditions by 50 percent," said Steve Miloshev, founder and CEO of Motorino."The Exro bike is significantly more advanced up the hill, maintaining a steady high torque and speed from the start up to the top.Our standard electric bike was unbeatable in the race across Vancouver.

Exro's coil driver technology can be added to the powertrain of an electric vehicle to make the motor faster, stronger, and smarter.Now, field tests of electric bikes show that Exro can revolutionize the fast-growing Market for electric bikes and scooters, which Allied Market Research reports will exceed $23 billion by 2025.

Exro's proprietary Coil Driver technology has proven to greatly improve the performance of e-bikes

"This is an amazing breakthrough not only in e-bike technology, but also in micro-mobility applications," said Exro CEO Sue Ozdemir."We couldn't be more excited.This changes the model for enhancing the performance of e-bike designs and other micro-mobile applications to ensure that we get more use out of the energy we get from batteries.I look forward to the commercialization of the product next year."

About Exro Technologies Inc.

Exro is a development technology company that has developed new control technologies for electric powertrains.Exro's advanced motor control technology, our "coil Driver", expands the functions of the motor and powertrain.The coil driver can realize two independent torque curves in a given motor.The first is calibrated for low speed and high torque, while the second provides extended operation at high speed.The ability to change configurations allows for efficiency optimization for each mode of operation, resulting in an overall reduction in energy consumption.The controller is automatic in real time and seamlessly selects the right configuration, thus optimizing torque demand and efficiency.

The limitation of traditional motor and power technology is more and more obvious.In many increasingly prominent applications, traditional methods cannot meet the required performance.That means either increasing the size of the equipment, adding extra electric motors, or implementing heavy-duty mechanical gear solutions.By implementing its technology, Exro provides a new solution for system optimization that results in improved drive cycle efficiency, reduced volume, reduced weight, and extended torque and speed capabilities.Exro allows applications to achieve more goals with less energy consumption.