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Ridgeback has added an electric bike, an electric freight car and a children’s bike line

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Ridgeback showcased its new product range, extending its current line of electric bikes and completing its leisure and commuting lines, entry-level mountain bikes and children's bikes.

Electric bicycle

After testing three prototype electric trucks earlier this year on the IceBike Show, the company is officially launching A Butcher priced at £2,699.99, an MK5 priced at £3,599.99 and an Arge-E priced at £3,799.99.Butcher and Cargo- E run on the new E-bike Promovec system.

Today, Ridgeback has a total of 18 electric bikes, designed to accommodate all kinds of riders with all kinds of abilities to participate in all kinds of activities.

In addition, Ridgeback has released the new Ridgeback Advance electric bike, which incorporates batteries, fender, rack, lights and a 63 mm front suspension in the lower duct.The e-bike can also run on the Shimano STEPS E6100 system, available in red or grey.The Advance costs £3,499.99.

Leisure and commuting

Elsewhere, the brand has scaled back its line of leisure and commuter bikes to complement existing lines and ensure it caters to a wide audience without overstocking.The series features the popular Supernova EQ and Vanteo for both reliability and functionality.Prices in this range start at more than 300 pounds.

Ridgeback has added an electric bike, an electric freight car and a children's bike line

The world series

Ridgeback made minor changes and color updates to this line, and still has the popular Panorama, Voyage, Tour, and Flat Bar Expedition.The series is designed to provide reliable bikes for all situations without having to pay a high price.

Mountain bike

Ridgeback has also introduced The Ridgeback Terrain 1, a beginner's mountain bike, for £299.99.

In 2019, the company switched its current mountain bike line to Terrain by applying a fresh layer of paint over three existing models.

Children's bicycle

This wide range has been further expanded as the Dimensions series of children's bicycles continues to be the preferred bike for young riders.

Over the years, Ridgeback has helped countless children learn to ride bikes and fall in love with them.It's a key part of the Ridgeback collection, so this year, the extensive bike collection has been further refined.

The Dimension range of children's bikes continues to be the premium bike of choice for young riders.With a lighter frame and more durable components, the MX series is designed for future mountain bikers.

Finally, Scoot balanced bicycles are designed for children under two years of age to help them develop a love of bicycles and the ability to balance before pedals.