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Evaluation of the Gocycle GXI Electric Bike

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Gocycle's GXI was one of the ones that gave me the most joy during the pandemic.With the help of this electric bike, I saw my family for the first time in months.At $4,799, it was also the most expensive product I tested.

First, it folds -- fast and easy.You open the handlebar to fold it down, then open the middle of the frame and fold the bike in half.And nothing more.Shrinking it to less than three feet in length takes a few seconds, which means it takes up very little space in my small apartment (about half the size of my regular bike, but not very thick).A sturdy bipod will keep it upright.

It weighs 39 pounds and is one of the lighter electric bikes around.At the same weight as the 7-speed Propella Ebike, it was a godsend compared to the 63 pound Lectric XP I tested.Of course, it's not as light as my 25-pound non-electric bike, but I can still carry it easily - handy when the building's elevators stop working.(Maybe not for everyone;My colleague Adrienne So tested another Gocycle of the same size, but found it too heavy.)

Evaluation of the Gocycle GXI Electric Bike

Unlike an electric bike, which selects a pedal-assisted level when moving, the GXI has an application that lets you preset when and how much power to start the 500-watt motor.If you want to sweat, you can start the motor after you pedal and jump in at full power, so you'll have to work harder.If you want to ride easily, just step on the pedal to instantly make the motor to full power.

I prefer this system to selecting the assist level when pedaling.On the first trip, I did start and stop a few times, so I was able to accurately dial the phone as the front hub motor emitted the pedal-assist pedal, but once the pedal was down, there was no need to tweak the app later.I set two modes, one for the feeling of wanting to burn and the other for the feeling of enjoying the ride and breeze on a hot day.

Finally, I like the GXI's automatic transmission.There are three gears (it USES the Shimano Nexus 3 gearbox), and while you can use the correct grip to manually change gears, I mostly rely on Gocycle's so-called predictive shift.As the name suggests, it calculates when you want to change gear and does it for you!It's almost always nailed to the exact moment I've turned, which is one less thing to consider.

Evaluation of the Gocycle GXI Electric Bike

GXI runs smoothly.The heavy "all-weather tires" handled everything from the grass to the pot-holed streets of Brooklyn without a problem, and the front and rear hydraulic brakes brought me to a quick stop when I needed them.

There are 10 LED lights on the dashboard display between the handlebars. These lights indicate how much power is left (10 per cent per LED) and the three vertical points in the middle indicate where you are.The 10 LED lights on the right side show your speed.

There's also a futuristic "daytime running light" (DRL) on the front, but Gocycle says it's not meant to be a headlight.It can make you more visible on the road.For other accessories, the box contains a telephone stand.

The rider's weight affects the bike's mileage, as well as a number of other factors, such as altitude and how dependent you are on electric motors.Gocycle says the GXI has a range of up to 50 miles.After getting the motor running at full capacity and often driving 19 miles at a top speed of 20 miles per hour, I had about 40 percent left.

The $4,799 GXI is a luxury most people can't afford, which is unfortunate because I want everyone with a small apartment in a big city to be able to take it.Just a few trips became my favorite way to travel.