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Liverpool’s introduction of electric scooters is part of Voi’s pilot scheme

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Voi's year-long trial of electric scooters in Liverpool is one of a dozen pilots supported by transport authorities across the UK.

With the start of a New Year's trial of electric scooters led by Voi, people in Liverpool will be able to try out a new way to visit the city centre.

The pilot, a joint project between the City's regional Joint authority and Liverpool City Council, will allow Swedish-based Voi to initially bring its carbon-neutral 50 electric scooters to the city for public hire, with more trials to come and continue.

Electric scooters will be available for rent through mobile apps from 6 October 2020, and scooter designs will be placed in key locations around the city, such as shopping and shopping areas, as well as close to the University of Liverpool and the LJMU campus.

The pilot will cover the centre of Liverpool, extending from the city's historic waterfront to its Knowledge Districts, Georgia and Vauxhall, and to the north of the centre.

Liverpool's introduction of electric scooters is part of Voi's pilot scheme

The vehicles will have a top speed of 10 MPH, but their electronic speed will be limited to about 5 MPH in areas with high traffic to ensure public safety.

The Liverpool scooters trial, supported by the Department for Transport, is one of more than a dozen trials being carried out across the UK, including in the West Midlands and Northampton.It is hoped that these vehicles can be used to support public transport and provide a new low-carbon mode of transport, especially important at a time when social alienation requires vigilance.

The scheme has also been designed in close consultation with disability associations including the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB).

Steve Rotheram, the mayor of Liverpool Metropolitan, said: "I want our local transport network to be as cheap, fast and green as possible.Like many European cities, electric scooters offer residents and tourists a quick and easy way to get around the city center.We will work closely with the city council and police to monitor the plan and ensure the safe and proper use of scooters.

"If the trial goes ahead, then we can look forward to seeing these scooter designs play a role in my Plans for a London-style transport system."

Initially, users will be able to use vehicles only between 6am and 10pm, in line with national COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants and bars.Liverpool currently allows only experimental scooters, while private scooters are still illegal in the UK.