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Electric scooters that shut off while being installed on pavements have been licensed for use in the UK

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A new electric scooter designed to shut itself off on the pavement has been approved for use in the UK. Electric scooters designed in the US use sensors to cut off power when entering restricted areas such as pavements and shopping centres.

They will be banned from roads, bike lanes or private land within a second of leaving legally permitted equipment.

This is thanks to the mapping data being downloaded directly to the scooter, which means it doesn't have to use GPS.

Electric scooters in the UK currently take up to 30 seconds to enter a restricted area before they are stopped.

Us company Link's new device is expected to curb anti-social behaviour associated with British scooters.

The British trial has been mired in controversy, with Coventry suspending the project after drivers used scooters on pavements and shopping centres.

Link hopes to rent out their scooters through two schemes, one in London and another covering Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

The one-second shutdown is the fastest of its kind, and electric scooters in the UK currently take up to 30 seconds to stop before entering the restricted area.

The scooter is designed to shut down in a controlled manner and immediately alert the driver, said Link, who was founded by urban transportation experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Current electric scooters do use "geo-fencing" technology to prevent users from riding in unauthorized areas, but these processes are said to take up to 30 seconds.

This is because the scooter must send GPS data to the central cloud system, which then calculates the location and sends the command back to the scooter.

Link claims that its technology resolves local GPS inaccuracies and that all data is loaded directly onto the scooter, eliminating time delays.