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SONDORS launches new electric moped

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If you think you've seen all the Super73 electric bikes and mopeds, think again. Electric bike maker SONDORS just launched its new line of electric moped vehicles, called SONDORS MadMods.

The announcement, which follows a series of other new SONDORS e-bikes, was quietly announced this morning in a message on SONDORS 'email list.

The company announced a new Line of Sondors MadMods and unveiled early specifications for electric moped.

Reminiscent of 1980s mopes, the SONDORS MadMod e-bike will come complete with a suspension frame, a retractable front fork, and a double rear shock absorbers at the rear. The style is a bit reminiscent of the Super73 R electric bike introduced earlier this year, although it comes with two rear shock absorbers instead of one.

SONDORS launches new electric moped

The SONDORS MadMod series starts at just $1,499, with a $299 down payment that will keep you in line for the March 2021 release. With SONDORS "past launches, there are us incredible prices.

The MadMods will be equipped with a 750W rear hub motor and 4-inch fat tires, again in line with the general electric mopeds/minibikes trend that we've seen so far.

But SONDORS seems to be taking an interesting 24-inch wheel. Most scooters go with the smaller 4 "x20" wheels, while the larger 4 "X26" wheels are used for oversized electric bikes with fat tires. SONDORS seems to split the difference evenly with the less common 24-inch wheel diameter.

Another interesting feature of the SONDORS MadMods is the high capacity 48V and 21Ah battery packs. Few electric bikes offer such a large battery pack. Sondors has yet to release a range estimate, but a large 1kwh battery pack will certainly extend travel time.

The motorcyle-style seats and large headlights certainly give the bikes a vintage mop-style feel, and the $1,499 price is sure to help the SONDORS MadMods compete with a similar type of Scrambler electric bike.