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Electric scooters will be a convenient and affordable means of transport on the streets of Glasgow

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Potential operators believe electric scooters will become a convenient and affordable means of transport on the streets of Glasgow.

After the blockade, new bike lanes became a success in the city, and scooters are now seen as a green alternative to short-haul cars.

Before Glaswegians can ride electric scooters to the office, there are some legal hurdles to overcome.

However, it is proposed that a pilot rental scheme be approved in the city and discussed by councillors this week.

Bolt, an Estonia-based company that offers the same ride service as Uber and a scooter-sharing scheme, is one of the companies interested in operating in Glasgow.

Matt Barrie, country/regional manager for leasing at Bolt in the UK, explains how the company first "created a niche market for Uber-like services", entering markets that were "an afterthought" for Us giants such as Eastern Europe and Africa.

Bolt's electric scooters and bikes are available in more than 40 countries across Europe, and the company has about 40,000 drivers using its ride-hailing app in London.

It is one of several operators negotiating with Glasgow City Council to lead the trial.

Electric scooters will be a convenient and affordable means of transport on the streets of Glasgow

"It's all about providing local citizens and tourists with readily available and affordable means of transportation -- getting them from A to B in A sustainable and emission-free way," said Mr Barrie.

He says companies have noticed a shift, a direct correlation between the decline in ride service and scooter use.

Mr Barry added: "It's good for the city in terms of air quality and reducing carbon emissions.

"If there is less traffic on the roads and more people use sustainable means, then it will make the streets of cities more comfortable."

Mr Barry explains that electric scooters have proved popular for sightseeing and commuting.

"In Prague, for example, there are a lot of tourists who use it as a tourist mechanism," he said.In other cities, 90 percent are for the first or last mile commute."

He suggested a "slow" approach to finding what works in Glasgow, starting with a few scooters and using "localised learning" to inform the wider rollout.

Trials are being carried out in cities across the UK, some of which have raised safety concerns.In Coventry, the trial was suspended after some users rode on pavements.Mr Barry said the incident was "disappointing".

He added that the company had to make sure everyone knew how to cycle "safely and responsibly".

Mr Barry said Bolt suggested wearing a helmet and offered it free to anyone in Glasgow who wanted it.It is also working with training providers.

Mr Barry said scooters would be distributed "fairly" so that every area of the city would have "equal access" to a "very valuable" mode of transport.