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Electric scooters should be legalized, the Transportation Commission said

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The Transportation Committee says electric scooters should be legalized on roads, but riding on sidewalks should be banned.

At the moment, private electric scooters are banned from all but private land in The UK.

The commission believes these scooters, which typically travel at speeds between 9 and 15 miles per hour, could provide a green alternative to cars.

Formal trials of renting electric scooters have been announced in some parts of England.

While supporting the introduction of electric scooters, the government should conduct trials to monitor the number and type of crashes that occur, the Transportation Committee said.

The commission said riding electric scooters on roads was "dangerous and anti-social". It said the law should be "prohibited on pedals" and "strong enforcement measures" were needed.

Electric scooters should be legalized, the Transportation Commission said

The committee's further recommendations include allowing local authorities to determine the speed of electric scooters and encouraging users to wear helmets.

It also said there were "valid environmental issues" with the charging process for electric scooter batteries, and recommended that the Department of Transportation monitor environmental impacts.

The Tees Valley, Milton Keynes Borough, Northamptonshire and the West Midlands have signed up to trial rentals of electric scooters.

However, the coventry trial was suspended after five days because of concerns about pedestrian safety and the scooters being abandoned on the streets.

"Electric scooters have the potential to be an exciting and innovative way to browse our streets and get around," said Council Chairman Hew Merriman.

"If it can get people out of their cars, reduce traffic and exercise in the open, so much the better."

But he added: "We need to make sure that their access to our streets does not make life more difficult for pedestrians, especially disabled people."

Nicholas Lyes, RAC's head of road policy, said electric scooters could "transform the people around us" but added that "introducing them safely is fraught with difficulties".

He called for effective regulation and education for riders to ensure that drivers, cyclists and electric scooter riders can safely share "limited road space".

Roger Geffen, of The British Cycling network, said the maximum speed and weight of electric scooters should be reduced before legalisation.

A department for Transport spokesman said: "We welcome the commission's findings today and believe electric scooters can provide an affordable, reliable and sustainable way to travel.

"Safety is always our number one priority, and our current trials will enable us to better understand the benefits of electric scooters and their impact on public Spaces to help us design future regulations."