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MILTON KEYNES’s experiment with electric scooters was used 10,000 times in the first month

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The E-Scooter test in Milton Keynes amounted to 10,000 rides in the first month, according to Spin, a provider of electric scooters for the city.It became one of the first cities in the UK to conduct a trial run after launching on 22 August, taking its 10,000th ride on 16 September and then celebrating its first month last week.

Brian Kyuhoon No, head of public policy, is wholly owned by Ford, and Milton Keynes's purchase exceeds Spin's expectations.

"I don't know if we have a specific forecast, but I think it will certainly surprise everyone internally because the utilization of scooters has been phenomenal for us," he said."I don't think we could have anticipated that.We are talking about a really modest fleet of about 100 small scooters a day."With the trial, that number has increased to 150.

With the exception of some US university campuses where Spin operates, Ms Kyuhoon No says Milton Keynes has consistently had higher acceptance rates than all other areas of operation, including the US."It's really remarkable for us," he said.

Although Milton Keynes is a modern grid city, experts believe many Of the UK towns are ideal for electric scooter designs.As a country full of cities designed thousands of years ago, its urban environment was not created to cope with the number of cars passing through these cities every day.

Many other European cities also have transport networks that have developed over centuries, which is one reason the continent's busiest cities appear on the list of the world's most crowded places.

MILTON KEYNES's experiment with electric scooters was used 10,000 times in the first month

However, the trial at Coventry was halted in the last few weeks after pedestrians reported anti-social behaviour by some of the drivers, and was damaged in the final weeks.Reports of incidents in other pilot cities have also emerged, including people riding electric scooters through shopping centres, cycling on Road A, and the use of these devices by minors under the age of 16, some of which were immediately used by two young riders.

But Milton Keynes had no such story.Its board told that it was not subject to the same abuses as Coventry and that it was using geo-fencing to prevent such behaviour.In fact, according to Spin, the experiment in the southern city was an unassailable success, with each scooter being used nine times a day on weekends.

Mr. Spine said electric scooters are not designed to completely replace cars, noting that electric scooters are designed for distances of two miles or less.But after the pandemic, operators have found that the average journey is longer, with people often travelling for nearly 20 minutes on electric scooters.

In a survey of 500 Milton Keynes residents who use scooters, Spine found that 63 per cent had replaced solo travel with electric scooters.More than a third (38 per cent) said their recent journey on an electric scooter had replaced a solo journey in a car, by taxi or car.

It is not just the British cities that are compatible with electric scooters;It's also a state of mind."The United States is a car-oriented society, which does mean that the population density here is not as high as here," Said Kyuhoon No.

"I also think the biggest difference is that British people are used to taking public transport.They are used to not relying on private cars.Once someone gets used to not relying on a car, they are more likely to take any other form of Shared transportation.What we see in Milton Keynes fits the general picture.

To be sure, there's really exciting potential and opportunities for Shared microtransportation to really grow to levels that we don't see in the United States.This is likely to mean that the UK could become one of the best markets for Shared micro-transport."

Spin is now bidding for bids in other parts of the country, such as Ford's Essex plant.Like other electric scooter services, it will also keep a close eye on London, where the use of the equipment is set to be an even greater logistical feat, thanks to the city's 32 boroughs and famous busy streets.