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Rental of electric scooters has been launched in Canberra, Australia

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Act Electric scooter Rental service launches with the operator, Neuron, for use in Canberra inner North, Inner South and Belconnen.Neuron's electric scooters are orange, in 750 and are available for hire by anyone over the age of18.Users can rent the scooter and helmet via a dedicated phone APP they download and then unlock the scooter and helmet with a QR code.The cost of unlocking one way is A $1, or A $0.38 per minute.If you use it regularly, you can buy a pass of 25 Australian dollars for three days, 33 Australian dollars for a week or 89 Australian dollars for a month.Pass holders can use it for 90 minutes a day, which is economical.

Rental of electric scooters has been launched in Canberra, Australia

The Neuron scooter has a voice function that instructs the user on how to use it safely.The scooters use smart geo-fencing technology to limit speed and prevent entry into certain restricted areas, locking the scooters once the user is out of the designated area.When renting a scooter, users can send their itinerary information to family and friends in real time.If a rider falls, the APP sends a notification to ask for help.

Beam, another operator, will be up and running in the next few weeks, offering 750 scooters as well.