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Reevo: A futuristic electric bike with no spokes

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Reevo: A futuristic electric bike with no spokes

This innovative electric bicycle brings a revolutionary design for urban use.In addition to having a similar science-fiction bike design, it also has an interesting anti-theft system.

Advances in technology have made us change so fast that we don't even have time to understand them.When we stumbled upon the new Reevo product, we were still trying to develop the electric bike, which is an electric bike without spokes.

Reevo's new product is designed for urban use and has a strong focus on safety.While this may seem trivial, the highlight of the bike's design is its hub, which has no spokes.

Reevo: A futuristic electric bike with no spokes

They are based on a circular structure that ACTS as a core, supporting the cover and performing the job of the chamber.This structure allows the tires to spin just as they do on traditional wheels, but without hubs and spokes. Due to its unique design, the Reevo uses V-shaped brakes.

For the rest, the rack is equipped with a 750 W motor and 48 V battery, which can be fully charged in 3 hours.Depending on the brand, an electric moped can reach 25 km/h.In addition, it includes LED lights integrated into the wheel side, which automatically turn on when ambient light is reduced.

Guard against theft

The Reevo also has a clever anti-theft system, because to use it, you have to use a fingerprint to unlock it.In addition, it has a "lock" built into the rear wheel, making it immovable.But as if that weren't enough, it also includes a GPS system that can detect your location at any time.

While its price is unknown, Reevo already has a waiting list, and while it's not clear whether this is due to high demand or low production, the truth is that those who want to buy the e-bike will have to be patient.