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The GOCYCLE GXI electric bike evaluation

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Like electric bikes, e-bikes come in a dizzying array of styles and prices.If a $150,000 Porsche Taycan Turbo can coexist with a $30,000 Nissan Leaf, the $5,000 Gocycle GXi can coexist with a $1,000 Swagtron EB12.

The GOCYCLE GXI electric bike evaluation

Sales of e-bikes are soaring around the world as people look for alternatives to public transportation in an age away from society.Older cyclists in Europe have long seen basic e-bikes as a good way to expand mobility and independence, while young urban professionals are flocking to beautifully designed e-bikes for greener, healthier commutes.Urban electric bikes are also popular in bike-obsessed places like Berlin, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, where electric motors help parents ride home on two-wheelers loaded with children and groceries.Today, electric freight bikes carry whole families as well as goods.The e-bike market is clearly developing, leaving a lot of room for market segmentation.

Gocycle GXi is not for everyone.Technically, no one needs a $1 million supercar, but a lot of people want one.

First of all, I would like to say that Gocycle GXi is one of the most advanced electric bikes that money can buy.This is exactly what you would expect from Gocycle, a company founded by a former design engineer for McLaren Cars.

The new Gocycle GXi combines the performance of the company's flagship Product, the G3, with the 10-second folding of the GX model I reviewed last year.So all the things I love about GX (a focus on design and adaptability to long or last-mile commutes) apply to GXi as well.

The GOCYCLE GXI electric bike evaluation

My Review GXi (base £3,699 / €4,199 / $4,799) comes with a variety of options to turn into a professional commuter bike.These include a pair of fenders (£80 / £99.98 / $119.98), front skirt suit (£149.99 / £179.99 / $199.99) and supernova lighting kit (£218.49 / £251.75 / $284.99).The total price reached (£4,247.48 /€4,730.72 / $5,403.96).

I tested the ultra-advanced Gocycle for nearly two months, putting about 400km (250 miles) on the odometer, and usually cycling 17km / 10.6mph once, or cycling home twice, with about 10% of the battery left.I set the GXi to an American model (despite living in Europe), which allowed me to get 500 watts of power and a maximum speed of 32 km/h (20 MPH), which was only released outside of downtown Amsterdam.

The GOCYCLE GXI electric bike evaluation

The biggest advance of GXi over GX is the electron trivelocity borrowed from G3.It USES what Gocycle calls a "predictive gear shift," replacing the manual Shimano Nexus gear lever on the GX.I am somewhat mixed about "predictive".For the most part, it works fine and switches to higher or lower gear as needed.There does need to be a pause between downshifts to allow the internal hubs to complete the shift, which is unsettling in the first place.But soon, I was riding my bike, shifting gears at a relaxed pace.

When riding in a lot of unpredictable stop and go traffic, or trying to ride with another cyclist, I can't predict which gear I want.Fortunately, the torsional switch on the right handle can be used to override any incorrect gear selection as needed.You only need to scroll up or down the switch to change gear.You can turn off the predictive shift completely, although this requires a fairly complex process of throttle and gear shifter manipulation, rather than just toggling the switch in the application.In spite of the fault, I prefer to shut it down.

The GOCYCLE GXI electric bike evaluation

Speaking of applications, I try to avoid using it, as I did when I tested GX.I guess it has fewer errors than the last time I checked, making it easier to tune the power configuration files endlessly.(I mostly use the default City + configuration file.)While it's a good guide for new owners to all the features of an e-bike, the clunky design doesn't match the quality bike you've just bought, and adds a heavy burden to an otherwise enjoyable unpacking and assembly experience.The application can also be used as a dashboard when the side is in landscape mode and connected to the handlebars using Gocycle's crude but effective installation belt.

The GOCYCLE GXI electric bike evaluation

Overall, the ride is fun, fast and hellish, thanks in part to those clumsy hub-mounted magnesium alloy wheels.Also, you won't find a bare cable to interrupt a clean line.Even the Gocycle logo, desperately large, disappeared into my black GXi frame.I get more spontaneous compliments on Gocycles than any other electric bike I've ever ridden, and that's been said a lot here in Amsterdam, the cycling capital of the world.