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Robot 9 reshapes the two-wheeled electric bicycle market

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Transparent floor-to-ceiling glass walls, simple but stylish interior layout, comfortable warm lighting, and a white LOGO...Don't get me wrong, this isn't an Apple store, it's a number 9 electric 5G smart store.

On April 25, 2020, the first batch of 199+ stores in 100+ cities of No.9 electric vehicle were opened simultaneously in the core areas of major cities across the country. Compared with the traditional two-wheeled electric vehicle retail stores, No.9 electric 5G smart retail store not only lacks the image of "miscellaneous, chaotic and poor" of traditional two-wheeled retail stores, but also gives people a sense of high-end and atmosphere.

What changes is not only the appearance, but also the inner nature.9 electric 5 g. Zero store is at the heart of the 5 g wisdom retail system, it is a collection of product display, user experience, sales, consulting and after-sales maintenance, and other functions as one of the intelligent system, along with nine electric bikes more fashionable, humanization and intelligent design, a non-traditional two rounds of electric enterprise was born.At the same time, but also to the two - wheeled electric bike market this silent for a long time the market a trace of vitality.

Robot 9 reshapes the two-wheeled electric bicycle market

Insight into consumer demand Number 9 electric press the fast forward button

In late 2019 and early 2020, a sudden outbreak of coVID-19 broke the original economic rhythm, and the whole market was like a unwound clock, its roar died out and was replaced by silence.

Affected by the epidemic, both the consumer electronics industry and the automobile industry suffered an unprecedented winter in 2020.In the field of consumer electronics, as an industry benchmark, Apple mobile phone, iPhone11 series products are all on line with price reduction. MWC, AWE and other industry events may be postponed or cancelled.In the automotive sector, China's auto production and sales in the first quarter were 3.474 million units and 3.672 million units, respectively, down 45.2 percent and 42.4 percent year on year, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

But while the epidemic has had an impact on the economy, it has also exposed some contradictions and opportunities -- like the two-wheeled electric bike industry.

Professor Zhang Jinnong, deputy leader of the expert group and director of the emergency department of the Union Hospital affiliated to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said that to prevent the global spread of the epidemic, city closures and bans on public transport are effective measures, but supporting measures are needed.For example, private cars and e-bikes are encouraged to travel.For the car-less group, e-bikes are probably the most popular means of transport used by the general public.

Since mid-February, safe commuting has become a top priority as businesses across the country have resumed work and production in an orderly manner.To that end, the People's Daily said on its Microblog that it recommended walking and cycling to work.

Robot 9 reshapes the two-wheeled electric bicycle market

No. 9 electric entered the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry at the end of 2019. With strong financial strength, it completed the nationwide offline channel layout in only four months.

2019 is the first year of the new national standards, the industry is facing a period of pain.Taking advantage of this opportunity, on December 17, 2019, no.9 electric vehicle held in Beijing "No.9, true intelligence" new product release conference, officially entered the field of two-wheeled electric vehicle.No. 9 electric vehicles are all developed and manufactured according to the new NATIONAL standards. Compared with traditional electric two-wheeled vehicles, No. 9 electric vehicles are intelligent and have long range.

Satisfying the user's core demand (battery life) and combining it with a smart experience, the No. 9 electric doesn't fulfill these achievements.No. 9 electric vehicle was originally only sold online. During the epidemic, no. 9 electric vehicle seized the opportunity to go against the trend.

As of the end of 2019, 9 electric Currency had a capital of 2.03 billion yuan, which is more than the total net assets of its U.S. -listed competitors.In terms of product production, No. 9 electric mainly relies on its own production and Xinwangda OEM. Xinwangda is one of the major suppliers of Xiaomi and also the main OEM of many xiaomi ecological chain enterprises, which makes the supply capacity of No. 9 electric products have a strong guarantee.

On April 25, the first batch of 199+ stores in 100+ cities of No.9 electric opened at the same time. This year, the overall offline store layout in tier 1 and 2 cities will be gradually completed.At the same time, No. 9 electric also opened a smart retail mall, which allows consumers to find the nearest store, experience no. 9 electric bike in a more intuitive store and receive promotional activities and other information.

The dimensionality blow from smart retail: User experience before the door

Although the site selection, decoration and opening of 199+ stores in the first batch of 100+ cities were completed during the epidemic, it does not mean that No. 9 has lowered its requirements for offline stores.In fact, from store site selection, decoration to store functions, all reflect the smart retail concept of No.9 electric.

At similar prices and functions, the electric two-wheeled vehicle is actually an experiential product.Knowing this, The No. 9 electric takes the user experience to the extreme -- it starts before you even get in the door.

Robot 9 reshapes the two-wheeled electric bicycle market

The first is the store site selection. No. 9 electric one-wheel electric vehicle offline store has changed the old image of "miscellaneous, disorderly and poor", and opened the offline store to the core area of the city to reflect the high positioning, high grade and high level of the store.For example, in the core districts of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, you can see no. 9 electric offline stores.

The site selection is just one aspect; the other aspect is the shop decoration.Transparent floor-to-ceiling glass walls, simple but stylish interior layout, comfortable warm lighting, and a white LOGO...Looking at this, you might think you've walked into an Apple store instead of a two-wheeler store, but in reality, this is the number nine electric 5G-smart retail store.

In the name of wisdom, no. 9 electric 5G smart retail store is bound to have matching functions.In fact, no. 9 electric 5G smart retail store integrates the functions of product display, user experience, sales consulting, after-sales maintenance and other functions as well as the offline gathering place of "Jiuyou".

The first "wisdom" of No.9 electric 5G smart retail store is the linkage between online and offline.It should be pointed out that the online and offline linkage of No.9 Electric is not simply placing orders online and taking delivery offline, but has the function of reverse customization.First of all, consumers can choose to log on the official website of no. 9 electric products for personalized customization.After the customization is completed, consumers can pick it up at the store or choose to deliver it to home according to their own needs.

The second "wisdom" of No. 9 electric 5G smart retail store is one-click repair service.No.9 electric bikeries out strict standardized service training for the service personnel in the store. Each store is equipped with a maintenance room of 50 square meters, with 3 professional maintenance personnel resident. Of course, the number of maintenance personnel will also be adjusted according to the size of the store.

The second "wisdom" of No.9 electric 5G smart retail store is customer evaluation system.At the end of the service list, users can rate the service experience, attitude and effect of No.9 electric vehicle, which will directly determine the service fee obtained by the service provider. The service fee can be 1.2 times for five-star praise, but not for one-star bad review.Through this intelligent approach, No.9 electric aims to enable more consumers to obtain better services through positive incentives, while continuously improving their service experience.

Using asymmetric advantages to reshape the two-wheeled electric vehicle market

Throughout the development history of China's two-wheeled electric vehicles, 2013 was a watershed year, when the production of electric vehicles exceeded 30 million.Since then, the market has gradually become saturated. After that, the annual sales volume of about 30 million vehicles has been maintained, and electric vehicle enterprises show a trend of polarization.

Along with the saturation of the market is the capacity for product innovation.Although in this wave of electric vehicle trend, the rise of Yadi, Emma and other domestic two-wheeled electric vehicle brands.However, the market is becoming more and more homogeneous. In terms of product form, the appearance of two-wheeled electric vehicles is identical.In terms of product functions, as long as the cycling needs can be met, there is basically no effort made by manufacturers in terms of humanization and intelligence.

Robot 9 reshapes the two-wheeled electric bicycle market

Under the dull market environment, the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry, which has the advantages of environmental protection, flexibility and low cost, has actually declined.Total sales of electric two-wheelers in China were about 26 million in 2018, down about 4 million from the previous average of 30 million, according to data from the China Association for The Advancement of Science.

To break the two-wheeled electric bike industry, a catfish to stir the market is badly needed.

As an outsider in the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry, No. 9 electric vehicle has brought a refreshing new way of playing from both product and retail aspects.In retail, as mentioned above, No. 9 electric focuses on improving customer experience through smart retail.On the product, no. 9 electric strive to intelligent, comfortable.

In terms of products, no. 9 electric main electric vehicle products include national standard electric vehicle No. 9 electric C series and electric pedal motorcycle No. 9 electric E series, through its independent development of RideyGo!Intelligent system. When users approach the vehicle with their mobile phone, they can be automatically unlocked through Ninebot AirLock induction unlock technology. After parking, they can quickly lock the vehicle.Lithium intelligent BMS 5.0 technology, with more than 20 protection measures such as intelligent parallel connection/quick charge, health SOH estimation, double overcurrent/short circuit/overvoltage protection;GPS, Beidou, base station triple positioning;AHRS attitude sensing system can be sensitive to the occurrence of abnormal movement and dumping of the vehicle, and inform the owner in the first time;Support OTA wireless upgrade, constantly update and optimize functions.

Through the above measures, no. 9 electric obtains the asymmetric advantage.In short, compared with Emma and Yadi, No.9 electric is more fashionable and intelligent.Compared with emerging two-wheeled electric bicycle enterprises such as Mavericks, its strong financial strength makes it more advantageous in product development and market promotion.Perhaps, under the efforts of No.9 electric, a revolution will take place in the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry -- the traditional offline retail stores of "clutter, chaos and poor quality" will gradually withdraw from the market, and will be replaced by smarter products and smarter retail.