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The $500 Gilon Balto is the most fully functional electric scooter to date

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There are plenty of scooters, but few let you ride them.Razor's EcoSmart Metro HD is one of the few electric scooters available and is also one of our best electric scooters.

Glion Balto, Glion's latest electric scooter, seems to be the better choice, with a more adjustable, detachable battery and collapsible storage.

Glion Balto can be pre-ordered for $499 at and will ship in November.By then, the price will rise to $699.

Like the Razor EcoSmart Metro HD, Glion Balto's seat is attached to a post at the back of the scooter pedal.However, Balto's seat bar has a quick-release latch that can be converted to a vertical scooter as needed.

The $500 Gilon Balto is the most fully functional electric scooter to date

The Balto also has a detachable basket that fits behind the seats and, like the EcoSmart Metro, makes an ideal scooter for a quick bike ride into town to pick up groceries.

The Balto comes with headlights and taillights, as well as a bracket for the rearview mirror.Balto's battery is also removable, which makes charging easier, and you can choose to replace it if you need to travel long distances.Additional batteries cost $199 each.Glion also sells an inverter for $75 that allows you to use Balto's batteries as a power source for laptops, smartphones and other portable electronic devices.

All in all, the Balto looks like a well-thought-out electric scooter: you can ride it up or down, it folds up for easy storage, and it has a large basket for storage.We look forward to opening the way for it to ship in November this year.